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Hanscom Air Force Base

Bedford, Massachusetts

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Base TLF

Swift Inn


1425 Kirtland St

Hanscom AFB, MA 01731

Phone Numbers

Phone 781-225-4444 / 888-AF-LODGE

Phone (DSN) 312-845-4444

Fax 781-225-6140

Fax (DSN) 312–845-6140


Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week


*Persons in Permissive TDY status are authorized ten days. Persons in PCS In status are authorized 30 days in Temporary Lodging Facilities. Persons in PCS Out status are authorized seven days in Temporary Lodging Facilities.

*Check in time is 2:00 p.m.; check out time is 11:00 a.m.

*Temporary lodging availability is extremely limited. Please be sure to call for reservations as soon as you receive your orders. 


*Please ask about amenities for this facility when making your reservations.


*Payment Policy - All guests are required to provide a valid credit card at check-in. Guests are required to prepay for lodging when payment is made with cash or check. Space-A guests must pay in advance. All guests staying over 15 days need to return to the front desk at 15-day intervals to pay their lodging bill and/or pay in advance for the next 15 days.

*Non-availability Policy - Contract Lodging (CL) slips are given to authorized travelers when there are no vacancies. In this situation the Hanscom Inn staff will take care to procure the necessary CL reservations. When the Hanscom Inn and all CL hotels are full, a non-availability slip will be issued which allows the TDY traveler to find a hotel of his choice (within per diem rates) on the economy. Travelers must file this slip along with their travel vouchers in order to get reimbursed.

*Space Available Policy - Space-A personnel may make reservations in advance based upon projected occupancy, which can range as a minimum of three days to 30 days out. Reservations may be made for stays of up to three days; day-by-day extensions will be granted depending upon availability of rooms.

*Mail Policy - For all overnight packages, we recommend that guests use UPS or FEDEX to ensure prompt delivery.  

*Pet Restrictions - There are eight pet-friendly rooms; only 2 pets are permitted. For example: 1 dog & 1 cat, 2 dogs, or 2 cats. Bring the vaccination records with you.

*Special Needs Facilities - Two rooms with handicapped shower and one unit with handicapped tub/shower and lower counters/sinks. 

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