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Fort Stewart

Hinesville`, Georgia

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Fort Stewart Army Lodging


ID card holders and their families are eligible to stay at Lodging. Orders are required for PCS moves. Families can stay up to 30 days when relocating. Extensions can be granted under special circumstances. Rooms for leisure travel can be reserved up to 7 to 14 days in advance; maximum stay is 3 days and can be extended if rooms are available. Soldiers/Families with official orders have priority.


Reservations can be accepted up to one year in advance for Soldiers on orders. Rooms are "space available" for leisure travel and availability changes depending on the season. Rooms for leisure travel can be reserved up to 7 to 14 days in advance.

Maximum Length of Stay

Families can stay up to 30 days when relocating but an extension can be granted under special circumstances. Maximum length of stay for leisure travel is 3 days and can be extended if rooms are available.


Ft. Stewart Lodging is located in building 4951 across the street from Club Stewart. To make reservations call 912-368-4184 or DSN 312-870-8384.


A limited amount of rooms are available at Army Lodging for soldiers with pets. There is a nonrefundable fee of $45 for pets and an additional charge of $3 per night per pet. Up to date health and shot records are required when checking in. Some off-post hotels may accept pets for a nonrefundable fee. Make reservations ahead of time and make sure there are accommodations for your pet. Fort Stewart has a new Pet Boarding facility located on the installation. Please call 912-435-8052 for more information. There are also kennels off post if your pet needs to be boarded. Make sure pets have current shots and call ahead to make sure all necessary paperwork assembled to have pets boarded off post.  Pets on the restricted list will not be allowed to stay at Army Lodging. Please see Housing Overview for a list of restricted pets.

Overseas Clearance/Special Needs

Stewart Lodging is handicap accessible. Call ahead to make sure a handicap accessible room is available for your stay.  Baby beds and high chairs are provided at no charge upon request.

Green Roof Inn

Rooms in this facility are two person rooms which means that your price is for half of a room that will be shared with another guest. Rooms include cable television, microwave, refrigerator, and coffee pot. Housekeeping is done Monday through Friday until 5:00 p.m.  


This facility is mainly used by National Guard and student soldiers. Facility may also be used by single active duty, geographical bachelors, and families on a space available basis. National Guard and student soldiers have highest priority. No orders are needed to make reservations or stay at the Green Roof Inn.


Space is usually available for National Guard due to priority level. Active duty, geographical bachelors and families can reserve rooms if they are available. If National Guard or student soldiers are scheduled come after you check-in and there are not enough rooms available, you may be asked to check out earlier than planned. Costs are $17 for National Guard and $22 for all others per night. Advance reservation is required. If you are planning to arrive after 4 p.m. during the week or on the weekends, you need to make arrangements ahead of time as the office closes at 4:00 p.m. during the week and is closed on the weekends. When making reservations, be sure to let them know if you are bringing family as this will determine room assignment.

Maximum Length of Stay

There is no maximum stay period.


The Green Roof inn is located on 10th and 11th street of Fort Stewart. Registration is in Building 10506 or by calling 912-767-3896.

Pet Restrictions

No pets accepted.

Overseas Clearance/ Special needs

Handicap accessible rooms are limited so call ahead to make sure accommodations are available.

Camping Facility

A camp site at Holbrook Pond is available through outdoor recreation for rates ranging from $6-15 per day. Campsites are concrete slabs with water and electrical hookups. There is a central bathhouse and sewage dump station on the grounds.  Make your reservations early by calling 912-767-2771/2717. Hours of operation are from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The Camping Reservations Office is in building 8325 and the camp site is off of highway 144. There is no limit to how long you can stay.

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