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Schools & Education

5220 Doolittle Ave
Dugway, UT 84022

Phone 435-831-2260
Phone (DSN) 312-789-2260
Fax 435-831-2831
Fax (DSN) 312-789-2831

Public School

Dugway Elementary School, Grades K-6, and Dugway High School, Grades 7-12, are in the Tooele County School District. Tooele County schools follow a traditional calendar school year commencing in August and ending in June. There are 13 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools, and 4 high schools located within the district which is in Tooele County. The student to teacher ratio at Dugway Elementary School can vary, but generally range from 15-25 students per classroom to teacher. There is one classroom per grade level. Dugway High School classes offer low student to teacher ratio. Graduating high school classes size average 20 students per year.

The following information is from the Parent and Student Handbook for the Tooele County School District. For a copy of this handbook, please contact the Tooele County School District, Dugway Elementary School, or Dugway High School.


It is important that students learn to be punctual. Please have your students arrive at school five minutes before the first bell would ring unless the student is eating breakfast at school. Then, have the students arrive twenty minutes early in order that they may have time to eat.

First bell 8:20 a.m.
Second bell (School begins): 8:25 a.m.
Dismissal bell 2:50 p.m.
Dismissal bell (Wed. only): 12:45 p.m.


Students are expected to be in school except for emergencies or illness. Other instances when a student will be absent should be discussed in advance. Regular attendance is not only critical for a good education, but is the parent's legal responsibility. All absences should be cleared by a parent through the school office. If your student is absent, please call the school by 9:00 A.M. to ensure the student is safely with the parent.

Breakfast and Lunch Program

During the first week of school, all students will be given an application for free and reduced lunches to take home to their parents. (Many Federal Aide Programs to schools are based upon the free lunch counts at each school. In order to help the school receive these funds, they ask you return the form as soon as possible.) Students may purchase lunch in the cafeteria at Dugway Elementary or bring their lunch from home. There is not a cafeteria at Dugway High School, so the students are allowed to eat at Dugway Elementary or have lunch off campus. Extra milk and other items may be purchased as well. Students may pay for their lunches on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Breakfast Payment for Students: $ .85, elementary schools/$.95, secondary schools.
Lunch Payment for Students: $1.50

Breakfast Payment for Adults: $1.35
Lunch Payment for Adults: $2.75

All lunch arrangements must be made with the school's lunchroom manager.

Bus Arrangements

A bus for students who live off post, such as Skull Valley or Terra, is available. Please contact the school for further information.

Discipline Plan

The objective of school discipline is to change unacceptable behavior to acceptable behavior. This plan works on the concept that the students have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach. This plan has a simple set of school and classroom rules that all students and staff are to follow. In addition to the school wide discipline plan each teacher will continue to have a program for classroom behavior. Each Elementary School will work within the BEST Discipline Program. This program fits within the Tooele County School District Safe School, Conduct, and Discipline Policy.

In general, most discipline problems will be handled between the student and the teacher. The parents may be notified if the problem becomes a deterrent to learning in the classroom. In the event a serious problem occurs, the student will be referred to the office.

For further information on the Discipline Program, please contact the school office.

Emergency, Illness, or Injury at School

If a student becomes ill or is injured at school, parents/guardians will be called. Parents/guardians will be expected to pick up the ill/injured child or make arrangements for another person to pick up the student as promptly as possible. Having an ill child at school may effect the well-being of other children.

It is necessary that current telephone numbers to reach parent/guardian, relative, or neighbor at all times are available to the office. Please notify the school immediately of any change of information.

Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation of School

In the case of an emergency, parents, guardians, and staff want to know: 1) about the safety and well being of the students; 2) the scope and nature of the emergency; and 3) what they need to do. An Emergency Preparedness Plan has been developed by the school. In the event of an evacuation of the building, the instructional staff has the responsibility of leading students to a safe area. Every effort will be made to notify parents during an emergency. Parents are requested not to approach the school unless asked to do so by emergency personnel to maintain clear access to the school grounds for emergency equipment.


School fees are not permitted during the regular school day in Grades K-6. You may not be charged for classroom snacks, newspapers, textbooks, field trips, art supplies, assemblies, musical instruments, or anything else that is part of the regular school day.

Your child may be asked to bring common househould articles to school, but your child cannot be penalized for failure to bring the articles.

School fees may only be charged for activities which take place before or after school or during school vacations.

Please contact the Tooele County School District for additional fee and fee waiver information.


School insurance for students is available through the school. The insurance forms are kept in the office and are available to students and parents at any time during the school year.

Label Personal Articles Brought To School

All students property should be labeled appropriately. Occassionally during the year students bring personal objects from home. It is regrettable that sometimes personal property brought to school is lost, damaged, or stolen. The school will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Lost and Found

There is a lost and found bin at school. Those items found by students and staff will be placed in the container where the owner may claim the items. Two or three times a year the unclaimed items will be sent to a charitable institution.


The school staff is not allowed by law to dispense any medications except with the written consent of the child's physician, and/or the County Health Department. Forms for this purpose are available in the office and must be completed before the medication can be administered. All medication containers must have complete information attached: name of contents, patient, dosage, and instructions. The school will not dispense over the counter drugs, such as cough syrup or aspirin. Teachers are not to give any medication to students. Please do not send any medication with a student.

School Pictures

School pictures will be offered both Fall and Spring. Preschool students are welcome to have their pictures pictures taken. Specific dates of pictures will be sent home with students.


Parents, guardians, and other special guests are welcome to visit the school. Visitors need to check in with the office before going to the classrooms. If a parent conference is needed with the teacher, please schedule in advance for a time before or after school so as not to interrupt a class in progress.

School Age Services

School Age Services (SAS) is designed to meet the specialized needs of children first through fifth grade. SAS provides a recreational program designed to supplement, not duplicate, school experiences.

SAS offers 4-H Programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, Computer Lab, Open Recreation, and meals and snacks. SAS is a program that operates before and after school, as well as on a full-time basis during school vacations. Children are escorted to and from Dugway Elementary School.

Fees are based on total family income. Before and after school fees range from $70.00 - $188.00 per month, and summer fees range $152.00 - $392.00 per month. The SAS Summer Program offers summer camps and field trips.

Accredited by the National School Age Care Alliance (NSACA).

For more information, call 435-831-3412 or visit the MWR website.

School Sports

Dugway High School has a long history of excelling in sports, but is limited in it's sports offered due to the small student body size.  Students are currently competing in basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf, track, and cross country. Children first to fifth grade have the opportunity to participate in organized sports offered by the Dugway MWR program, such as basketball and baseball.

Exceptional Children

It is the policy of the Tooele County District that students with disabilities shall be served in their neighborhood school unless otherwise dictated by the student's Individual Education Program (IEP). Students placed in their neighborhood school shall be placed in age-appropriate classes. Students shall be served in the regular classroom with supplemental aids and services unless dictated by the IEP.

The Tooele County School Board believes that a student's becoming eligible for special education services does not diminish the school's responsibility for educating  the student. Students with disabilities should be considered foremost as members of their school community and the shared responsibility of all school personnel.

While Federal law requires that the school district offer a full continuum of placements, it is the belief of the Board of Education that the students of the Tooele County School District benefit when students with disabilities participate in the regular curriculum and classroom. While the placement is left up to the IEP team, appropriate participation by students with disabilities in both curricular and extracurricular school activities is desired. Placements of students must be based upon the unique needs of the eligible student, the IEP goals and objectives, and the benefit to both the student with disabilities and his/her peers.

Grading System

Information concerning grading, records, policies, and contacts can be found on theTooele County School District website.

Must Know Information

To enroll a child in school, he or she must reach the age of five by September 1 of the year of enrollment. Enrollment requirements include a complete physical, a copy of the child's birth certificate, immunization records and Social Security Number.

The school calendar at Dugway is from August - June.

Point of Information: Please remember that when you see listings of "UNIFIED" school districts, it means that those districts educates both elementary and secondary school students, grades Kindergarten through grade 12.

Private Schools

Several private schools can be found in the Salt Lake City area located 80 miles or more from the installation. No public transportation is available from Dugway to Salt Lake City. The only private school that currently offers boarding facilities is Wasatch Academy in Mount Pleasant.


A child "shall be excused from attendance" at the public school if the child's parent annually files a signed affidavit with the minor's school district. Refer to Utah Code Ann. 53A-11-102(2) Home School Statute for all requirements pertaining to homeschooling in the state of Utah. For further assistance contact your School Liaison Officer at 435-831-2828 or DSN 312-789-2828.

Adult Education

The Dugway Education Center offers a variety of continuing education needs. Army personnel, members of other branches of the Armed Forces, family members, and members of the civilian workforce are welcome to visit the Education Center and are encouraged to take advantage of the programs and services.  See the Education-Training (College/Technical) section for details and contact information.

Homes Near Base

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