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Dugway Proving Ground

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Recreational Facilities


Visit the Outdoor Recreation/Leisure Travel building 5109 or call DSN:789-2318, Monday or Thursday 1130-1900, to join groups going to see what Utah offers in spectacular national parks, outdoor recreation, wildlife, fine arts, and unique cultural events. The clubs and socials on post are mainly in conjunction with MWR, schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, and religious organizations. Various community-wide activities are provided throughout the year by MWR. We have a fitness center, swimming pool, outdoor equipment checkouts, golf, bowling, tennis, theater, racquet ball, ATV club, wood shop, pottery class, auto shop, and much more.

Almost any religious denomination you would be interested in is represented in Dugway, Tooele, and Salt Lake City. Check your local telephone directory in your new neighborhood to find the church of your choice. For more assistance, please contact the post chapel at 435-831-2431 or DSN: 789-2431.

You can stay busy every week in Dugway. There is a wealth of special events and activities available with something to please everyone!  For more information on community activities, please call Outdoor Recreation 435-831-2318 or DSN:789-2318.

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