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Dugway Proving Ground

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Legal Assistance

Office of the Command Judge Advocate
5450 Doolittle Ave
Room 1105
Dugway, UT 84022-5022

Phone 435-831-3333 / 435-831-3334
Phone (DSN) 312-789-3333
Fax 435-831-3390
Fax (DSN) 312-789-3390

Legal Services

The Dugway Judge Advocates Office provides support to the Dugway command and tenet activities service members (active and retired) and family members in several areas to include Trial Defense, Administrative Law, Claims and Legal Assistance and Tax Preparation.

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance handles or is involved in a number of issues to include, but not limited to:

  1. Powers of attorney
  2. Leases
  3. Affidavits
  4. Name changes
  5. Consumer affairs
  6. Civil suits
  7. Domestic relations and family law
  8. Immigration and naturalization
  9. Wills and estates
  10. Tax assistance
  11. Local court procedures
  12. Support (child and or spousal).
  13. Notary services and the preparation of powers of attorney are available

Emergencies are handled on a walk-in basis. Otherwise, attorney consultations are available only on an appointment basis.


The Claims Division is not located on Dugway Proving Ground. Hill Air Force Base is the closest claims division for Dugway Proving Ground.This office provides claimants with information, assistance, and the proper forms to submit claims against the government. In many cases, such as damage to household goods transportation by a government contractor, time limits apply so prompt actions is required.

Tax Assistance

Tax Assistance is provided by appointment through the Legal Assistance office (Office of the Command Judge Advocate) throughout the year. Tax preparation assistance, form distribution and electronic filing are available between January and early May of each year.

Army Community Assistance (ACS) provides tax forms only.

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