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Post Regulations

The installation regulations regarding motor vehicles are as follows:  Per IAW AR 190-5 the following criteria must be met to be issued a decal:

  • Live or work on the Presidio of Monterey or a military retiree.
  • Have a valid Drivers License.
  • Have a valid vehicle registration w/name of applicant whom decal is to be issued. (If the Applicants name is not on the registration, a notarized letter must be initiated by the registered owner indicating that the applicant has full use of the vehicle. SJA may be able to assist military personnel in this matter. The other option is for the owner of the vehicle to contact DMV in person and have the applicant added to the registration.)
  • Valid insurance.
  • Valid ID card.
  • If registering a motorcycle, a motorcycle license and Motorcycle Defensive Drivers Certification Card.
  • Vehicles that are four years old or older, are required to have a smog check. 1974 or older vehicles are exempt from the smog requirement.
  • Vehicle Registration Form should be accompanied with the Smog Certificate, where applicable.
  • National Guard personnel are only authorized a decal if they are assigned to the POM for language study or live or work on the POM.
  • No one will be issued a decal unless they meet all of the requirements as indicated above.


1. Personnel entering the POMPD and have the completed VRS Form, will be asked for their drivers license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration. All military personnel attempting to register their vehicles with POMPD will have a copy of their orders assigning them to the Presidio of Monterey, to determine status. VRS personnel will review the information on the VRS Form for completeness, check the drivers license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration documents, (Smog Certification if the vehicle is registered out of the state of California and is four years old or more) SEE ATTACHED STATEMENTS REQUIRING SMOG CHECKS to ensure they are valid and that the individuals signature appears on the bottom of the form. Personnel with newly purchased vehicles will be issued a decal only if they provide the sales agreement (Bill of Sale), they will be required to contact the VRS an inform them of the License Plate number when their license plates arrive.

2. VRS Personnel will also verify the status of the individual, to ascertain if the individual should have a decal or obtain a Vistors Pass at the Franklin or Bolio Street Gates. National Guards are not authorized a decal unless they are federally activated and live or work on the Presidio of Monterey. If they qualify their expiration date is one year from date of issue.

Army Reservists will be informed to obtain a visitors pass at the Franklin or Bolio Street Gate, the Visitors Pass will be valid until their training is completed. Retired civilian instructors or civilians are not authorized decals and must obtain a Visitors Pass to gain access to the POM. DFAS employees will only be issued decals if they live or work on the POM. Regular Armed Forces personnel will be issued decals only if they live or work on the POM. Recruiters that live outside of the Monterey Peninsula will not be issued a decal.

Active duty and retired Navy personnel will be directed to obtain decals for their vehicle from the Naval Postgraduate School. Naval personnel assigned to NTTCD will be the exception and will be issued decals if they qualify.

3. Decals expire four years from date of issuance, contractors decals however expire one year from date of issuance. After reviewing the form the VRS Clerk will sign the "Reviewed By" portion of the form indicating that he/she have reviewed the form. They will then issue the decal according to the individual status. (ie., officer, enlisted, civilian or contractor. Once decals are issued, the information on the forms will be put into the COPS program as soon as possible, after which the form will be filed alphabetically by unit or organization in which the individual is assigned. Personnel requesting decals for their motorcycles must have in their possession a Motorcycle Defensive Drivers Course Card before registration of the motorcycle can take place. 

Vehicle Registration Policy

The Department of the Army will no longer require motor vehicle registration and the display of a vehicle decal for access to installations.  However, ALL personnel entering installations will still require personal identification that authorizes access (DoD photo ID).  All privately owned vehicles must continue to be licensed, registered, inspected and insured in accordance with state and local laws. Each service in DoD is taking or has already adopted this policy change.

Visitors without proper DoD identification will continue to report to the Visitor Control Center at Bolio Gate for identity verification and vehicle passes.

PARKING DECALS: parking decals for POM/DLIFLC will continue to be issued at the Bolio Visitor Control Center.

For questions you may call 831-242-7733/7731.

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