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Barksdale Air Force Base

Bossier City, Louisiana

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Check In \ Processing

Welcome Center/Gates
425 Lindbergh Avenue
Barksdale AFB, LA 71110

Phone 318-456-4452 / 318-456-4448
Phone (DSN) 312-781-4452
Fax 318-456-4429
Fax (DSN) 312-781-4429

Gates open 24/7

Travel Planning

Temporary Lodging Reservations - It is always wise to plan your PCS to include printing/obtaining maps with directions to getting to your destination.  Call and make reservations for temporary lodging as early as possible, (318-456-3091 or DSN 312-781-3091). Barksdale has a fair amount of lodging choices, but all are heavily used, especially during the summer months. There are six (6) family units designated for pets (four small pets or two large dogs), but those are in high demand also. It's a good idea to make reservations at area kennels for your pets.

Reporting Procedures

The 24-hr arrival point at Barksdale AFB is located at Stripes Club, 155 Rickenbacker Ave and is an excellent resource for assistance in contacting your sponsor and obtaining general information about the base.

If arriving during duty hours, contact your unit or squadron of assignment immediately upon arrival. You will then need to go to the Military Personnel Section, Bldg T4353, 800 Kenney Ave, Room 08, Phone number: 318-456-4129. Have your hand carried records and orders with you. The in processing staff will inventory your records and schedule your mandatory in processing and Newcomer’s Welcoming/Orientation briefing.

First Term Airmen - If Barksdale AFB is your first duty station after Basic and Tech School Training then you should either contact your sponsor or report to the Lodging Office, located in The Stripes Club, and notify your respective sponsor/Squadron of your arrival. Your Sponsor Unit representative will meet and escort you to your unit personnel offices and then to the Military Personnel Section, Bldg T4353 for in processing. During in processing you will be scheduled for the First Term Airmen's Center (FTAC) class. *The FTAC is part of the Barksdale Enlisted Mentoring Center located in on the second floor of the Education Center (located just across the street from Burger King and Chapel 2) 318-456-5626/2576 and is a requirement for new Airmen at their first duty assignment in the Air Force. You are assigned to the FTAC for a total of 5 calendar days, after squadron in processing. You must complete all Squadron in processing to include having your Computer Access Card (CAC) and Communication System Requirements (DD Form 2875) completed, before arriving at FTAC. It is also appropriate and desired for to have in your possession a current copy of your Leave and Earnings Statement.

The FTAC program is structured to assist Airmen in transitioning from training to a mission-oriented environment. The course reinforces military lessons First Term Airmen learn and experience in Basic Military Training and during technical training. By providing briefings covering various topics and initial ancillary training, the First Term Airman Center creates an environment for Airmen to develop a warrior spirit and an expeditionary mindset. The course length is 10 duty days (14 calendar days). Courses taught range from customs and courtesies, financial management, family advocacy and disaster preparedness.

Documents to Hand Carry for Inprocessing

1.At least 5 copies of your orders

2.Marriage Certificate (if married while enroute from last assignment)

3.All moving paperwork including: inventory, TMO information, Self-Procured Move paperwork, and all receipts associated with moving (for filing travel voucher)

4.Medical/dental records from your previous duty station - entire family (last base may have mailed)

Documents you may wish to have readily available for settling in to Barksdale:

1.Immunization records for all children and all active-duty members

2.School records/transcripts for children and adults

3.Pet medical and immunization records

4.Letters of credit from utilities companies (telephone, electric, etc; may result in waiver for deposits)

5.Employment records or resume of civilian family members

After Arrival at Barksdale AFB

Newcomers' Welcome/Orientation is held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month usually at the Barksdale Club beginning at 7:45 a.m. Please arrive early. This orientation is mandatory for all arriving permanent party AF members and Department of Defense civilians. Spouses are encouraged to attend. More details regarding the Newcomers' Welcome/Orientation will be provided during in-processing.

Visit the Airman and Family Readiness Center, 413 Curtiss Road, Bldg 4713, 318-456-8400, for maps and newcomer information, family member employment assistance, volunteer information, Child Care for PCS voucher (Air Force only), Heart Link (AF orientation for spouses), budget assistance, financial classes, marriage/baby/parenting classes, emergency assistance and any questions you may have.

Contact your family to let them know you have arrived and how to contact you.

Getting Married Enroute

If you get married before you PCS, you MUST inform your commander and follow the procedures exactly as you are given them. The military WILL NOT PAY for travel and housing of your spouse if you do not follow the proper procedures.

Homes Near Base

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