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Pope Air Force Base

Fayetteville, North Carolina

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There are so many activities for each and every military base that we’re asking for your help and listing them.  So please tell us what you think the next person PCSing to your location should know about activities on or off base for you and your family. 

Pope Air Force Base/Fort Bragg Open House.  Thousands of people attend this mighty display of military prowess by our Army and Air Force neighbors.  Visitors come from all over the nation to see this one-day event. The open house features combat readiness demonstrations by Army and Air Force units from Pope AFB and Ft Bragg.  Aircraft from other military installations also participate.

The Thunderbirds, the Air Force's precision flying team in their F-16 Fighting Falcons, have been a featured attraction in years past.  Also, the F-117A Stealth Fighter, Marine Corps Harrier jets, C-130 Hercules transports and the C-5 Galaxy, the world's largest military transport jet, routinely thrill thousands of people who attend the open house.

October brings milder weather and Fort Bragg's Oktoberfest Internationale.  This annual festival takes place at the Fort Bragg fairgrounds. The Oktoberfest allows Fort Bragg's European community to get a taste of home.  The two-week event features rides, music and entertainment, a children's mini-jump tower, and some of the greatest samplings of European foods.

There are many other special events to fit just about any interest.  Whatever your taste - we've got it!  The 43rd Services Squadron is noted for going the extra mile to take good care of its customers.  Pope AFB, Fort Bragg and Fayetteville provides a wide range of social and recreational activities for the youth of our military community.  Children ages 6-18 of active duty military, retirees, and DoD civilians with ID cards are eligible to participate for those activities offered at Pope AFB and Fort Bragg.

There are so many fun things to do in the Pope AFB, Fort Bragg and Fayetteville areas for our young teens/adults.  Youth sporting teams are fielded seasonally in virtually every major competitive sport to include baseball, football, soccer, and youth ice hockey to name just a few.  Instructional programs include but are not limited to ballet, tap, jazz, piano, gymnastics, judo, karate, fashion and modeling, golf, tennis, and swimming.

BOWLING: Several bowling centers offer league and open bowling. Some even have disco nights.

  • B&B Bowling Lanes, 3003 Fort Bragg Road, 484-5178
  • Lafayette Lanes, 3313 Raeford Road, 484-0113
  • North View Lanes, 5307 Ramsey St., 822-6446
  • Airborne Lanes, Bastogne and Ardennes streets, 436-2618
  • Dragon Lanes, Reilly Road, 907-2695
  • Main Post Lanes, Knox and Randolph streets, 432-2219
  • Pope Air Force Base Bowling Center, 751 Armistead St., 394-2891

ARCADES:  Fun, Fun, Fun may be a good place to take the kids when they are driving you crazy, crazy, crazy. The game room, which has more than 150 games, is at 3729 Sycamore Dairy Road. Information: 864-1307.

MINIATURE GOLF: Mountasia Fantasy Golf and Games, 3729 Sycamore Dairy Road. Information: 487-6000. Round-A-Golf, 115 Skateway Drive. Information: 860-7800.

MOVIE THEATERS: Fayetteville has five movie theaters and a total of 44 screens. The Cameo Art House Theatre is where you'll find most independent films. It's downtown and has a main theater, plus The Loge, a 38-seat theater with a smaller screen. Marketfair 15 on Skibo Road has stadium seating, and Omni Cinemas 8 shows second-run movies for just $2.

SKATING: Whether you like wheels or blades, you can skate in Fayetteville. Round-A-Bout has two roller skating rinks. One is at Eutaw Village Shopping Center off Bragg Boulevard, 484-4465. The other is at 115 Skateway Drive off Raeford Road. For ice skating, check out the Cleland Multipurpose Sports Complex at Fort Bragg. It's open to the public. Call 396-5127 for more information.

LIBRARIES: Whether you want to hear a story in your pajamas, learn how to work a computer or just listen to some of the nation's top-selling authors, the Cumberland County Public Library has a few ideas for you. The library system and its branch locations offer a variety of services, sales, book clubs, story and adventure series and book signings. In the past, the Friends of the Library, a group that supports the library, hosted lectures by such heavy hitters as Nicholas Sparks, Eric Schlosser, John Berendt and cartoonist Doug Marlotte.

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