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Cheyenne Mountain Air Station

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Airman and Family Readiness Center
135 Dover Street
Bldg. 350
Suite 1203
Colorado Springs, CO 80914-1160

Phone 719-556-6141
Phone (DSN) 312-834-6141
Fax 719-556-0909 
Fax (DSN) 312-834-0909

Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
Sat - closed 
Sun - closed 
Holidays - closed

Registering Vehicles on Base

Newcomers should stop by the Visitor's Control Center (VCC) to register their CACs in our DBIDS system. This process takes 2 mins. max.

Vehicle Registration is no longer done on Peterson AFB. For more information, please call 719-556-6660 or DSN: 312-834-6660.

Base Regulations

Speed Limits -- The speed limit is 30 mph unless otherwise posted. Radar operates on base, and speed limits are strictly enforced.

Cell Phones -- Do not talk or text on your cell phone while driving on base. This is highly enforced and the penalties are steep.

Vehicle Accidents -- Major accidents (disabling injury, damage to a government vehicle, damage over $10,000 or someone driving under the influence of alcohol) must be reported to the Security Police immediately. Minor accidents must be reported in a timely manner. If an accident is not reported to a law enforcement agency, insurance may not pay. Minor vehicle accidents on Peterson AFB require vehicle accident reports and a detailed blotter entry. This is accepted as proof. To report an accident, call (719) 556-4000.

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