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Cheyenne Mountain Air Station

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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There are so many activities for each and every military base that we’re asking for your help and listing them.  So please tell us what you think the next person PCSing to your location should know about activities on or off base for you and your family. 

The 21st Services Squadron, at Peterson AFB, provides a wide range of operational support services and programs, which enhance force readiness and espirit de corps to stimulate the mental, social, and physical well-being of Air Force members and their families.

The Youth Activities Center (YAC) provides a full range of seasonal sports to include T-ball, baseball, soccer (indoor and outdoor), flag football, and basketball.  Classes in Karate, dance, tumbling, and music are also offered for minimal fees.  The Youth Activities Center also provides events such as teen/pre-teen dances, lock-ins, cookouts, and youth get-aways to local attractions or sporting events.  Examples of some of these fun trips are white water rafting, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, AF Academy Football games, Olympic Training Center, Sky Sox Baseball games etc.   

The Base Chapel offers religious programs for all ages.  In addition to the daily and weekly services, there are groups and activities scheduled regularly.  On the Protestant side of the house, there is a Youth Choir and Sunday School, for ages 3-adults.  Catholic Religious Education is available for kindergarten thru Grade 12, and the Catholic Youth Organization for junior and senior high meets on a flexible schedule.  There is also a choir.

At Cheyenne Mountain AFS, the Granite Inn Dining Facility provides seven days a week dining on an a-la-carte system.  There are two fitness facilities.  The room inside the mountain has universal and free-weight equipment and a men's and women's sauna.  The second area, in the Technical Support Facility, has weightlifting and bodybuilding equipment and a co-ed sauna.  Both areas have cycling and rowing equipment.  There is also a racquetball facility, a softball field and picnic pavilions.

Pikes Peak continues to be a tourist mecca - popular for both summer and winter recreation - not just because of its colorful history, but for modern day amenities.  There is truly something for everyone to see or experience when visiting or living in Colorado Springs.  Please see Contacts/Links for some of the most popular attractions.

OUTDOOR RECREATION: Colorado Springs gets you outdoors by offering facilities for virtually every outdoor sport imaginable.  The Colorado Springs Park and Recreation Department offers more than 114 parks that cover 6,400 acres.  In addition to tennis courts, swimming pools, athletic fields, playgrounds and picnic areas, you will also find boating, fishing, hiking and even music, theater and educational programs.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: There is a wide variety of venues to satisfy Colorado Springs' local patrons of the arts.  Music, theater, dance, and art all are prospering in Colorado Springs.  Whether it's viewing a Broadway play at the Pikes Peak Center, listening to the Colorado Springs Philharmonic, or participating in a dance troupe, many opportunities are available.

CHURCHES: Colorado Springs has been called a "City of Churches".  It is home to many unique churches including the Cadet Chapel at the Air Force Academy, which is a national landmark.  The famous Garden of the Gods becomes an outdoor church once a year for the interdenominational Easter Sunrise Services.  There are more than 70 headquarters for national and international religious organizations, and more than 350 churches and synagogues listed in 46 different denominations in the Pikes Peak area.  The churches included in the the Contacts/Links section represent the diversity of faiths present in the local area. An effort has been made to identify a variety of churches that are closest to Peterson AFB.  For further information, access the Colorado Springs Churches website.

AND EVEN MORE THINGS TO DO....  For information on local tourist attractions or specifics on upcoming events, contact the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors' Bureau, 515 S Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs CO 80903; or you can phone 719-635-7506 for general information, 719-635-1723 for upcoming events, or 719-635-1632 for tourist information.

Two other resources for entertainment information are the "GO" section of the Gazette Telegraph, which is published weekly on Fridays and the "Stepping Out" Magazine which is published monthly.  Stepping Out is available at over 200 Colorado Springs locations, including local hotels and restaurants.

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