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Sumter, South Carolina

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Schools & Education

?Airman and Family Readiness Center – School Liaison Office

504 Shaw Drive, Bldg 1118
Shaw AFB, SC 29152

Phone 803-895-1358
Phone (DSN) 312-965-1358
Fax 803-895-4748
Fax (DSN) 312-965-4748

Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Sat and Sun – closed

  • The School Liaison Officer
    • The School Liaison Officer (SLO) at Shaw AFB is available to assist military families with all of their K-12 educational needs.  The SLO helps military parents/guardians advocate for the educational needs of their children and assist them with information about local schools districts as well as school information at the next assignment. The SLO also help parents/guardians discover available educational options (public, private and home school support).
    • The School Liaison Officer provides seminars and briefings to military families about Military Child educational issues, and ensures school personnel (teachers, counselors, and school administrators) are aware of the unique issues impacting military children. The SLO serves as an intermediary to help parents/guardians resolve issues at the lowest level possible.
  • New Student Registration
    • Enrollment
      • Note: According to South Carolina Law, school-aged children must be transferred / enrolled in school within 10 days!
    • If the last school attended was out of state, please provide the school’s name, telephone number and address.
  • Bring the following documents to the school at the time of registration:
    • Student’s Birth Certificate
    • Immunization records - Completed S.C. Immunization Form (DHEC 1125) Parents can obtain DHEC 1125 from the Health Department, Shaw AFB Immunization Clinic or from their family doctor.
    • Child’s Social Security card
    • Proof of physical examination
    • In addition, most schools require proof of residence and other information prior to registration. The district recommends that parents of children transferring from another school district also bring the child's latest report card. For specific information, contact the local district office.
  • All children are required to be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, chicken pox, whooping cough, polio, mumps, red and German measles, and hepatitis.
  • Children transferring from an out-of-state school must have their health certificate information on a South Carolina form, according to state law. Parents must take out-of-state certificates to a doctor or clinic in South Carolina to inquire what previous information is transferable to the South Carolina form.
  • Children who will be five years old on or before 1 September must register for Kindergarten.  Children who will be four years old on or before 1 September may be eligible for half-day pre-school.  Contact the school in your attendance zone for available slots and requirements for eligibility to attend.
  • Special Education
    • If you have any questions about South Carolina’s Special Education or Exceptional Student Services, please call 1-866-628-0910 or visit South Carolina’s Department of Education.
  • Charter Schools
    • Charter schools began appearing in the early 90s.  They are “alternative" public schools created by parents, teachers, community organizations, and for-profit companies.  These schools receive tax dollars but the sponsoring group must also provide private funding.  Charter schools must adhere to the basic curricular requirements of the state but are exempt from many of the regulations that apply to conventional schools and the day-to-day scrutiny of school boards and government authorities.  Charter schools allow parents, community leaders, educational entrepreneurs, and others the flexibility to innovate, create and provide students with increased educational experiences.  To find out more about charter schools and where to find them in your area, visit the U.S. Charter Schools Web site.
  • Magnet Schools
    • Magnet schools are highly competitive, highly selective public schools renowned for their special programs, superior facilities, and high academic standards.  They may specialize in a particular area, such as science or the arts.  Students who apply to these schools go through a rigorous testing and application process.  Some magnet schools have boarding facilities to allow students from out of state to attend.  Magnet schools were first launched in the late 1970s to help desegregate public school systems by encouraging children to attend schools outside their neighborhoods.  Student diversity is still an explicit goal of most magnet schools.
  • Home Schooling
    • South Carolina statutes provide parents or guardians with three different options for home schooling their children. The choice is left up to the parents or guardians to select the option that is best for their children.  For detailed information on getting started with home schooling in South Carolina, refer to the Home Schooling In South Carolina web site.
  • Religious Private Schools
    • Religious Private Schools will generally espouse a specific religious belief based on the denomination or faith established by the governing board.  Often religious schools have open enrollment and do not require their student body to be members of the faith or denomination, although they do require that all students abide by the rules established by the school leadership.  In addition to academic coursework, religious schools usually require coursework in religious studies.  Students must apply to attend the school and entrance exams may be required.  Private religious schools can refuse admission to any student or dismiss a student after enrollment for any infraction of the rules.  Teachers are not required to be certified by the state, though they may be required to be a member of the religious denomination.  Teachers may hold a variety of degrees and certifications.  Requirements and tuition costs vary according to the school.  Transportation may be included in the cost of tuition or may be a separate charge. For more information visit the Department of Education website and the Parochial Schools website.
  • Private Secular Schools
    • Private schools in the Shaw/Sumter Area are too numerous to list and the choice is a personal matter. Private School Options will give you a comprehensive look at schools listed for the Shaw/Sumter area. Most private schools have a religious affiliation or relationship. It is suggested that the private schools be contacted to learn of the tuition required. Additional fees such as music, art, uniforms, books, registration, deposits and transportation should be considered.
  • Adult Education
    • For adults, many educational opportunities are offered at Shaw and the focal point for all education programs is the Base Education Center. Professional guidance counselors are available for both active duty and dependents on a walk-in basis. They can direct you to courses of study at the local community college as well as programs through several colleges and universities who hold classes on base or through distance learning.

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