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Moody Air Force Base

Lowndes County, Georgia

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*There are so many activities for each and every military base that we’re asking for your help and listing them.  So please tell us what you think the next person PCSing to your location should know about activities on or off base for you and your family. 

*Valdosta is a progressive city that preserves its cultural heritage while it looks toward the future.  It is the county seat of Lowndes County. Valdosta means "Vale of Beauty," and is known as the "Azalea City".  Valdosta is rich in cultural diversity and history. A walking or driving tour of downtown Valdosta is recommended to appreciate the architectural style and grace of a by-gone era.

*Remerton Mill Village is a group of preserved historic homes occupied by mill workers decades ago. The homes now serve as specialty shops, restaurants, and bars.  Valdosta and surrounding counties have a variety of recreational parks and services.  Hunting and fresh water fishing are a favorite pasttime for many South Georgians due to the abundance of wetlands.  You don't have to travel far to enjoy wildlife, nature trails, and water sports.

*Valdosta boasts four multi-purpose recreational complexes, with seating capacities up to 250,000. Valdosta also has 2 public golf courses, 12 parks, 22 tennis courts, 4 racquetball courts, and several walking or jogging tracks. 

*Boys and Girls Clubs, scouts, and neighborhood recreation programs are available in the local community. The community offers roller skating, batting cages, miniature golf, swimming pools, tennis, water sports, camping, parks, movie theaters, bowling, and much more. Children are invited to learn to dance, model, or join an acting group downtown.

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