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Kirtland Air Force Base

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Information and Referral 
1451 4th St SE
Consolidated Support Building 20245
Kirtland AFB, NM 87117

Phone 505-846-0741 / 505-846-0751
Phone (DSN) 312-246-0741/0751
Fax 505-846-9889
Fax (DSN) 312-246-9889

Mon – Fri: 7:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 
Sat & Sun - closed
Holidays – closed
Wing Training Day – Last Wed of every month - closed

Base Regulations

Speed Limits

Speed limit on Kirtland AFB is 30 mph on roadways and 5 mph in parking lots, unless otherwise posted. The speed limit for entering and exiting base gates is 15 mph. Do not enter through base gates unless directed to do so by the entry controller. Housing area speed limits are well posted and rigidly enforced. Police patrols equipped with traffic radar enforce all speed limits.

Anyone 18 years of age and under is prohibited from riding in the bed of a pickup truck on Kirtland AFB and in the city of Albuquerque.

Parking -- Parking of motor vehicles is authorized only in those areas/spaces designated for parking.

Traffic Violations

If a vehicle operator (military or civilian) is stopped by the Security Forces for a traffic violation or routine identification check, full cooperation with the patrol officer or gate guard is required by producing any and all identification. The required identification to be produced upon demand in the state of New Mexico is the following: valid driver's license, proof of valid vehicle insurance and vehicle registration. Failure to provide any of the three required identification items is ticketable. Failure to provide proof of valid vehicle insurance while driving on base could result in the loss of base driving privileges for six months.


Pedestrians in crosswalks have the right of way, however, they should not step into crosswalks in the path of approaching vehicles when such action would require emergency braking on the part of the vehicle operator. Pedestrians must consider surface road conditions prior to entering the crosswalk.


All motorcycle operators and passengers will wear long-sleeved, outer, upper garments or vests, and gloves when operating the vehicle. During daylight hours, outer garments or vests will be of a highly visible color, defined as bright (international) orange, red, yellow, green or a combination (may include white) of these colors. During hours of darkness, the garment or colored vest, as defined above, must possess reflective properties and/or have reflective materials added to front and back. Outer garments or vest will be clearly visible at all times.

Vehicle Emission Testing

The installation commander has added the emission inspection as a requirement of vehicle registration. A person eligible for a base decal must show proof of passing the vehicle emission test as required by the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Vehicle Pollution Management Program (ABCVPMP).

Vehicle Checks

Installation entry point inspections are directed by the Base Commander and conducted randomly at base gates. These are visual checks of your vehicle, not searches, to prevent theft of government property. If the vehicle operator does not allow the Security Police officer to inspect the vehicle, they are subject to apprehension, being barred from base, or loss of base driving privileges.


All motor vehicle accidents must be reported to the Security Forces Desk Sergeant, 1300 Texas St., within 72 hours, no matter how minor the accident may appear.

Visitor Passes

Visitor passes can be obtained from the Visitor Center at the Gibson, and Truman gates, or the Consolidated Support Building 20245, at the Pass and Registration Office. To sponsor an individual onto base, call the entry controller at the Truman (westside) or Gibson (eastside) gates with your visitor's last 6 of their SSAN and DOB. Your guest must be able to present a valid driver's license, proof of valid insurance and current vehicle registration.

You are responsible for the conduct of your family members and guests while on base. Any visitor misconduct could result in your eviction from base housing. Visitor passes must be displayed in the left corner of the front window of the vehicle to gain entry to Kirtland AFB.

Criminal Offenses

If a vehicle operator is taken into custody by the Security Forces for any criminal offense; such as, drug/firearms violations, disorderly conduct, nuisance, larceny, vandalism, DWI, reckless driving, etc., an appearance before the U.S. District Court, if civilian, and a military Commander, if military, may be required.

Restricted Areas

Privately owned vehicles may not enter restricted areas without proper vehicle forms. Contact your Unit Personnel Office for guidance.

Registering Vehicles on Base

Base vehicle registration decals are no longer required for Kirtland AFB.

Driver's License

Active duty members do not need a New Mexico driver's license, provided they have a valid driver's license from the state in which they are legal residents. However, for all others, it is state law that anyone residing in the state of New Mexico obtains a NM driver's license within 30 days after arrival.

If for any reason your license is suspended, revoked or expired, you can no longer drive in the state of New Mexico. Your status as a military member or dependent will not protect you. Not all states have automatic extensions for military members and their families. If you possess an out-of-state license, contact the Security Forces to determine if you are eligible for an automatic extension.

New Mexico Vehicle Registration

Service members located within the state of New Mexico are excluded from registration requirements for one vehicle. If you have more than one vehicle all others need to be registered with the state of New Mexico. A service member of another state need not register with the state of New Mexico any vehicle owned by the service member and his/her spouse. Service members must register their vehicles within the state of New Mexico if not registered in the member's home state. Personnel with foreign plates (i.e., US Forces or US territories) must obtain valid US state plates within 30 days of assignment to Kirtland AFB.

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