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Fort Hood

Killeen, Texas

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Check In \ Processing

Copeland Soldier Service Center
Battalion Avenue
Corner of T.J. Mills Boulevard
Building 18010
Fort Hood, TX 76544

Phone 254-287-3832
Phone (DSN) 312-737-3832 
Fax 254-287-7486 
Fax (DSN) 312-737-7486

Open 24/7



1. Upon arrival to Fort Hood, all Soldiers will sign in at the front desk of the Copeland Soldier Service Center (CSSC, Building 18010) located on the corner of TJ Mills Boulevard and Battalion Avenue. Soldiers will turn in one (1) copy of the order assigning the individual to Fort Hood, and the Medical and Dental Record. The individual will be signed in off leave. If reporting in on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday between the hours of 0600 to 1700 or Thursday between the hours of 0600 to 1500 you must be in duty uniform (ACU, DCU, Class A or Class B).

If you have Permissive TDY (PTDY), check in at the CSSC Front Desk to have your DA Form 31 stamped by CSSC, drop off a copy of your paperwork and pass along contact information prior to reporting to Housing. Housing is located in the CSSC on the second floor (Room B209) and their operating hours are 0730-1530 Monday-Friday. They close daily for lunch from 1130-1230. The Housing Office phone number is (254) 287-4212.

2. ALL Soldiers will report to the Ft Hood CSSC, Bldg 18010 Front Desk. At this time, Soldiers will be provided an In-processing Schedule, with the exception of Soldiers assigned to the following commands listed below: 

  • Darnall Army Medical Hospital (MEDDAC.) 
  • Dental Command (DENTAC.) 
  • Operational Test Command (OTC.) 
  • Division West (DivWest.)
  • These Soldiers, after signing in at the CSSC's Front Desk, will receive directions on reporting to their respective unit, and their S1 will coordinate the in-processing. Soldiers assigned to these units will be required to report to Building 16011 on Day 1 at 0845 for the Finance Briefing and are required to bring a copy of their orders, their leave form and any travel or lodging receipts. 
  • Soldiers in the rank of LTC and higher, CW4-CW5, SGM-CSM will not report to the Ft Hood Reception Detachment, but will receive their in-processing checklist and further instructions from the Front Desk in the CSSC. The Finance Brief for LTC and above, CW4-CW5, and SGM-CSM is ONLY CONDUCTED ON FRIDAYs in the CSSC, Room B112 at 1430. 

3. Soldiers will be placed in two groups upon in-processing. Juniors are considered CPL/SPC and below and Seniors are considered SGT and above. All personnel are required to be in duty uniform upon in-processing with the exception of the MEPS Soldiers.

4. The time frame for in-processing consists of ten (10) days. Along with in-processing the mandatory Finance, Medical, Dental, etc., Soldiers are required to attend mandatory classes such as the Sexual Assault Briefing and the Commanding General's Newcomers Brief. Based on number of personnel in-processing, Soldiers may ship to their respective units as soon as Day 9 or on the morning of Day 10.

5. In accordance with AR 600-8-1, all Soldiers will review the DD Form 93 (Emergency Notification Data) and the SGLI to provide updated information in accordance with the PCS to Fort Hood. Soldiers are required to digitally-sign these documents therefore, must have their CAC with PII certificates loaded. Soldiers will be provided a copy of all updated documents upon completion.

6. All Soldiers with a vehicle are required to obtain a Phantom Express pass during in-processing and prior to shipping to their gaining unit. Soldiers must have their vehicle registration, vehicle insurance card, and driver's license to obtain this pass. A physical check of passes will be conducted prior to release to the gaining unit.

7. For all other inquiries concerning in-processing, please contact the Front Desk located in the Copeland Soldier Service Center at commercial: (254) 287-3832 or DSN: 737-3832.

8. The Commanding General's Newcomers Brief is every Wednesday at 1500. Spouses are invited and encouraged to attend. A daily bus tour departs from Bldg 16011 at 0900 and returns at 1100. Spouses are encouraged to participate.

*NOTE: If you are a Mobilized Soldier (Army Reserve or National Guard) you will report to Bldg 4228 located on 78th Street and Warehouse Road. DO NOT report to the Copeland Soldier Service Center. For further information contact the SDNCO at commercial: (254) 289-4213.

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