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Fort Bragg

Fayetteville, North Carolina

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Base TLF

Airborne Inn
Darby Loop
Bldg. D-3601, (Moon Hall)
Fort Bragg, NC 28310

Phone 910-396-7700 / 1-800-GO-ARMY-1
Phone (DSN) 312-236-7700
Fax 910-396-3033
Fax (DSN) 312-236-3033 Overseas: Fax 312-256-876-6870/4083

Temporary Housing

Temporary Lodging Facility

The Airborne Inn is located at Moon Hall, Bldg-D3601, Darby Loop, off Bastogne Drive and offers temporary lodging. Call 910-396-7700, ext 1711 for reservations.


You need to make reservations as soon as possible. You can make reservations 30 to 60 days in advance by calling 910-396-7700, ext 1711. You are entitled to 10 days of Temporary Lodging Expenses (TLE) during your PCS move.

Temporary lodging reservations are accepted 60 days prior to arrival. To make reservations, call the Airborne Inn at 910-396-7700 or the Carolina Inn at Pope Army Airfield at 910-394-4131. Pets are allowed but space is limited. 

The Delmont Guest house only has 16 pet rooms. Families with pets should make reservations as soon as possible. If there are no pet rooms available and a family room is, the pet must be placed in a kennel off post. No Statement of Non- Availability will be issued if a pet rooms is not available. There is a $41.00 non-refundable pet fee, and $6.00 a-day for the pet at check in and all pets must have their shot records.

There is a Fitness center located on the first floor of Hardy Hall for all Lodging customers.

Room Service Fees effective 01 October 2010:

Each additional occupant charge for all rooms is $ 5.00  (No charge for children under 1 year of age)

  • Suites (Single Bedroom with Sitting Room) $63.00
  • Suites (with Full Kitchen)  $70.00
  • Family Rooms (2 & 4 Bedroom)  $70.00
  • Standard Rooms  $53.00   
  • Twin and Double Beds – rate per occupant $36.00 
  • Foreign Military Students  $37.00  
  • Foreign miltary students (2 Twin Beds)  $22.00 
  • Normandy Tarheel Suite  $65.00  (Normandy Rooms 104 & 105: $46.00)
  • DVQ - Sink House  $75.00 (Each Additional Dependant $15.00)
  • Pet Rooms (Non-refundable room charge on arrival  $41.00; Per night charge  $6.00

Non-Military Housing

There is a Land Mark Inn on Fort Bragg also. Please call 910-495-1215 for reservations.

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