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Fort Shafter

Honolulu, Hawaii

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Recreational Facilities

Bellows Recreation Center Location: Bellows Air Force Station, Waimanalo, Hawaii Phone Number: 800-437-2607 or 808-259 8080 Reservations: Accepted; required for cottages; can reserve up to 13 months via online reservations Accommodations: 44 camper/tent sites, 97 cottages Amenities: Picnic area, beach 

Kaneohe Bay Beach Cottages and Campsites Location: Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base, Hawaii Phone Number: 808-254-2806 Reservations: Required for cottages; accepted for campsites Accommodations: 17 tent sites, 37 cottages/cabanas/villas Amenities: Playground, picnic area, beach, swimming, fishing, boating/boat rentals, commissary, exchange, fitness center CampSiteMap.pdf 

Kilauea Military Camp Recreation Area Location: Kilauea Military Camp, Joint Services Recreation Center, Hawaii, Hawaii Phone Number: 808-967-8333; 808-967-7315 Reservations: Accepted up to one year in advance Accommodations: 90 apartments/cottages Amenities: Hiking, fitness center, movie theater, post office 

PRFM Barking Sands Location: Barking Sands Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii Phone Number: 808-335-4752 Reservations: Required up to one year in advance Accommodations: 38 cottages Amenities: Beach, fishing, golfing, swimming, exchange, fitness center

Homes Near Base

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