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Fort Richardson - Anchorage

Anchorage, Alaska

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Schools & Education


  • All the schools on JBER are operated by the Anchorage School District. There are no DoDS schools on the installation. For families living on the installation, there are five elementary schools on JBER. Once children reach middle school and high school, they attend off-base schools. There are 2 middle schools and 2 high schools. Bus service is provided from the base to your school. Breakfast and lunch menus are available at each school. They are also posted in the Student Nutrition section of the district's website.
  • The Anchorage School District provides free meals and reduced-price meals for elementary, middle and high school students who are eligible under the National School Lunch Program and National School Breakfast Program. Children from households whose income is at or below designated financial levels are eligible for free or reduced-priced meals. See the Free and Reduced Price web page for additional information.
  • Before and After School care is available through the JBER School-Age Program. Breakfast and afternoon snacks are served during the school year (when school is in session) with lunch served during full day sessions.
  • Middle schools and high schools offer the complete spectrum of sporting activities for all seasons of the year. For complete information visit the district website.
  • The Anchorage School District offers many services for children with special needs. Specific programs are offered for children ages 3-5, grades K-8, and grades 7-12. For complete information visit the district website.
  • The Anchorage School District, in partnership with Paralympic Sport Alaska, a program of Challenge Alaska, features competitive sports and developmental programs for students with disabilities. Visit the Paralympic Sports web page to learn more about the activities offered and season dates.
  • For more information about resources for military families in the school district visit the Resources for Military Parents web page. For information on schools in the Mat-Su Valley area visit the website.
  • School Liaison
    • The Military Child Education Program was established to assist military personnel and/or their families with information and resources intended to ease the transition of dependent children from one duty location to the next and to:
      • Advocate for the educational needs of military children and will assist Airmen/Soldiers and families with information and referral regarding local school districts and other educational options including home schooling, private schools, charter schools, and cyber/virtual schools
      • Ensure school personnel (classroom teachers, guidance counselors and senior school officials) are aware of the unique issues impacting military children (e.g., deployments, frequent moves, etc)
      • Monitor any significant changes in dependent school demographics that may affect Federal funding formulas to local education agencies
      • Assist personnel and/or families resolve problems that were not solved after using the school chain of command
      • Assess needs and provide continuing work/life services
      • Provide information on JBER’s Partnership In Education Program (volunteering in local schools during duty) --- making a difference!
      • Alaska is member of Interstate Compact --- recognizes transition and deployment related issues
      • A school liaison can be reached by calling 907-384-2369, 384-1505, 384-7500 or 384-0358.
  • Public Schools
    • The Anchorage School District educates almost 50,000 students, encompasses almost 2,000 square miles, is ranked 94th in size among school districts and has more than 100 schools and programs.  
    • Anchorage School District's grading system is as follows:
      • A-90-100%
      • B-80-89%
      • C-70-79%
      • D-60-69%
      • F- below 60%
    • Homework and classwork each count as 15% of the quarterly grade.
    • Performance counts as 25% and tests/reports count as 45% of the quarterly grade.
    • Monthly classroom and school newsletters are sent home in the Monday packets.
    • Progress reports are sent home mid-way through the grading period. Parents may check their child's grades and assignments at anytime by accessing Zangle.
    • Students and parents have many options for schools within the Anchorage School District.
  • Neighborhood schools
    • Your child's neighborhood school offers top-quality instruction in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, health, physical education, music, art, and social and emotional learning. Each school also has an excellent library that supports learning and literacy. Students are encouraged to use technology as a tool for learning and working.
  • Alternative schools and programs
    • In addition to the standard school program, the district offers many alternative schools and programs. Other programs such as English Language Learners, Gifted and Special Education are based on student need and have their own admission requirements. Visit the Choices in Education section of the school district website for more information about alternative programs and schools.
  • Charter schools
    • Charter schools offer alternative teaching methods and more independence than regular public schools. They set their own calendars. Acceptance into an alternative or charter school is based on space availability, grade level and gender balance. Parents must provide their own transportation to alternative and charter schools. Visit the Choices in Education section of the school district website for more information about charter schools.
  • Adult Education
    • Colleges in the local area include Wayland Baptist University, University of Alaska -Anchorage, Embry-Riddle University, Central Texas College, and Alaska Pacific University.  
    • For more information on adult education opportunities, see the Education - Training topic.

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