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Fort Richardson - Anchorage

Anchorage, Alaska

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All of JBER's Child Development Programs are certified by DoD and are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

  • Centers on Installation
    • There are four Child Development Centers on JBER:
      • Katmai CDC and Part Day Preschool, located at 7181 11th St. Phone: 907-552-5113
      • Denali Child Development Center, located at 7377 15th St. Phone: 907-552-8304
      • Sitka Child Development Center, located at 6376 15th St. Phone: 907-552-6403
      • Talkeetna Child Development Center, located at Bldg 6, 5th St. Phone: 907-384-0686

The JBER Family Child Care (FCC) program offers a variety of flexible care options that meet regular and mission related child care needs to include full day, hourly, before/after school, extended care (overnight and weekend), special needs, and on and off-post care. The number of licensed Family Child Care Homes on base varies from month to month and current information can be obtained by contacting the Family Child Care Office at 5091 10th St., 907-552-3995/4664. They are open Monday - Friday, 0800-1700.

  • There are two School Age Programs on JBER:
    • Illa School Age Program, located at Bldg 31-600, Grady Ave., Phone: 907-384-1063
    • Ketchikan School Age Program, located at 7163 11th St., Phone: 907-552-5091
  • Eligibility

Dependents of active duty military, DoD/NAF civilian employees and government contractors are eligible to utilize the programs. A priority for use system has been established at base level per AFI 34-701.

  • Programs Offered

The Child Development Program provides hourly care on space availability, full day care, a Part-Day Preschool program and special openings. Children six weeks though five years old are eligible to use the center. For hourly care, children must be at least six weeks of age. For children with special needs, every effort is made to make reasonable accommodations for children. Some licensed Family Child Care Homes are specifically trained for Special Needs care. Additional information is available at the Central Registration Office, 907-384-7483.

  • Registration and Enrollment
    • Advanced Registration for child care may be made by contacting the Central Registration Office at 907-384-7483 and faxing a completed AF Form 2606 (available at your current child care center) Waiting time will vary according to family status.
    • The Central Registration Office is located in Bldg 600, Room A-142. It is your one-stop point of enrollment for all child and youth programs. Staff offer assistance in locating childcare, provide information about each individual program and help tailor a care plan that meets your specific family needs. Resource and referral information for a variety of off-post centers, child care homes and activities for children of all ages may also be obtained at the Central Registration Office.
    • The Central Registration Office hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.
    • All children must be registered prior to using any program. When registering your child, you will need to provide a copy of their immunization record, three emergency release designees, and proof of your total family income (TFI) in the form of a recent LES and/or other pay documentation. Please call the Central Registration Office to schedule an appointment at 907-384-7483.
    • Registration and Enrollment for the School Age Programs and Family Child Care home are done at each location and not through Central Registration, although the same information is required.

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