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Fort Gordon

Augusta, Georgia

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Temporary Lodging

Fort Gordon is surrounded by a variety of hotels and motels in various price ranges.  
The most convenient off-post lodging is located at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Jimmy Dyess Parkway.  This is a relatively new interchange, so the motels and hotels located there are also newer than others in the area.  Fort Gordon is a quick drive straight down Dyess Parkway.

For a list, please see the "Local Hotels" page listed under the contacts/links for this page.  Please note that this list is not a "recommended" list of lodging, and some newer hotels may not be listed.  

Make sure that you understand the rules concerning relocation entitlements and temporary lodging.  You DO NOT receive per diem while staying in temporary lodging at your new installation.  Per diem is paid only while in transit from one location to another, and it is not the same per diem as is paid for TDY travel.  While in temporary lodging you are entitled to Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) for up to ten days.  The amount paid varies based on several factors.


Homes Near Base

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