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Arnold Air Force Base

Manchester, Tennessee

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Schools & Education

Educational opportunities are very good in the area.  College is provided by local community colleges and universities.  Elementary and High Schools are some of the best in the state. If you live in the Tullahoma area or in Base Housing, the children will attend either Bel-Aire, East Lincoln, Farrar, or Robert E. Lee, East Middle or West Middle, and Tullahoma High Schools.  If you live in the Manchester area the children will attend either East Coffee, Hickerson, Jones, College Street, Westwood, North Lake, Coffee County Middle School, Westwood Junior High, and Manchester Central High.  First Church of Jesus Christ Christian Educational Center; St. Paul: The Apostle Roman Catholic Church; Temple Baptist Church-fundamental; and St. Andrews.  Schools vary according to the area you live in.


  • Pre-School
    • There are no Pre-Schools located on the installation.
  • Elementary
    • There are no Elementary Schools located on the Installation.
  • Middle School
    • There are no Middle Schools located on the Installation.
  • High School
    • There are no High Schools located on the Installation
  • College
    • There are several colleges and universities in the area to which you may apply. Please contact the education office and they can provide you with CLEP testing.
  • Adult Education
    • Education and training will provide the necessary information Continuing Education programs in the area.
  • Special Education
    • The special education programs within the school systems of the local area have been evaluated by the state as very successful.  There are specialized individuals trained to help assist the students with the qualified attention they may require, along with sufficient funds for any supplies needed to accommodate each individual. 

Homes Near Base

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