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Washington Naval Yard

Washington, District of Columbia

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Check In \ Processing

Check-in Procedures

Inprocessing Procedures

Newcomers arriving in the Washington, DC area report to their individual commands for guidance before seeking out the local Personnel Support Detachment (PSD). Before you leave your current duty station it is a good idea to have the number to your new command and sponsor on hand.

Listed below are a few of the major commands in the area who fall under Naval District Washington.

Command Check In POCs
Command Phone Number DSN Number
Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEAS) 202-781-0000  
Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) 301-669-5556  312-659-3479
White House Communications (WHCA) 202-757-6070  312-284-2000
Bureau of Medicine (BUMED) 202-762-3304  312-762-3304
Office of the Cief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) 703-695-0231  312-697-0231
Naval Air Facilites, Andrews AFB 240-857-4880  312-857-5550
Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit (CBMU) 202-433-4203  312-288-4203
Ceremonial Guard (CG) 202-433-0050  312-288-0050
Military Sea Lift Command (MilSeaCmd) 202-685-5017  312-325-5017
Naval Reserve Center (NRC) 202-433-4475  312-288-4475
Naval Computer and Telecommunications STA (NCTS) 202-685-1146  312-325-1146
Naval District Washington's Quarterdeck 202-433-0960  312-288-0960
Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) 202-685-0667  312-325-0667

Temporary Lodging

Prior to departure of your current duty station, make your temporary lodging reservations. The Navy Lodge is located in the Bellevue Housing Community. Bellevue Housing is located two miles south of Naval Support Activity-Washington.

Reporting Procedures

All personnel are required to report directly to the command when arriving. Notify in advance, your sponsor or command if you will be arriving after normal duty hours. Unless otherwise told, report to your command's quarterdeck.

The following is a generalization of the required materials that you should bring to PSD. PSD is located on Naval Support Acitivity-Washington, Anacostia Annex.

Service records and original endorsed transfer orders, all household goods forms, original receipts for TLE, copy of the lease you have signed for non-government housing, or acceptance letter for government housing, and "release from government quarters" form from you last housing office if required.

Update Page Two and SGLI forms. If you recently got married, divorced, or had a child, or a change in dependents, bring all supporting records to ensure your Page Two gets changed properly.

Bring in all original receipts for travel claim.

Married Enroute

If you get married before you PCS, you must inform your commander and follow the procedures exactly as you are given them. The military will not pay for travel and housing of your spouse if you do not follow proper procedures.

Warfighter and Family Services offers a monthly Spouse Orientation at the center. The WFS also participates in command indocs.

Homes Near Base

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