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Parris Island Marine Recruit Depot

Beaufort, South Carolina

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Registering Vehicles on Base

All privately-owned vehicles operated on the Depot, except those operated by visitors, must be registered with the Provost Marshal within three days of arrival. Temporary registration is obtained upon arrival.

Applications for registration will be made in person at the Provost Marshal's Office, Building 565. Provided the application form has been signed by the military sponsor, application for registration may be made by an immediate family member. In those instances where Power of Attorney is held by the spouse whose sponsor is overseas, he/she may sign the application for the sponsor.

The following information is required in order to register your vehicle on base:

  • Valid military identification card
  • Valid state registration for the vehicle
  • Valid state operators license
  • Proof of valid insurance with all driver's names on the policy

Civilian employees, retired military and other civilians who may be authorized registration privileges must apply in person. Contractors and concessionaires will apply for a letter via an authorized representative of their company and report to PMO in person with the vehicle they drive.

Motorcycles -- In addition to all vehicle registration requirements, motorcycle operators under 25 years of age must pass a motorcycle safety course. For more information contact the Provost's Marshal Office located in Building 565.

For complete information on Vehicle Policy & Regulations, please click here.

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