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Hurlburt Field

Hurlburt Field, Florida

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Check In \ Processing

Reporting Procedures

Upon arrival, you must report to the unit Command Support Staff (CSS). If your unit does not have a CSS, report to your Unit Intro Monitor (IM) who will then give you the required paperwork (In-processing Worksheet, also known as the IDA worksheet) and have you report to the Commando Welcome Center, Bldg 90229. At the Commando Welcome Center you will be scheduled for all your mandatory in-processing appointments and complete your travel voucher.

Base Newcomer's Orientation: (Prior Service Newcomer's Orientation)

It is held at least twice per month from 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. at the King Auditorium. Please encourage your spouse to attend the orientation, since important information about the installation and community will be addressed.

In-processing appointment at Commando Welcome Center:

Please bring the following:

We're located in building 90229, same building as ITT (tickets and tours). Please bring two (2) copies of PCS orders and amendments (if applicable), MPS In-processing Worksheet (known as the IDA worksheet) completely filled out by unit, AF Form 2096 (Officers for AFSC update/verification & Enlisted for special duty pay), Leave and Earning Statement (to update leave balance in leave web), and AF Form 988 for Permissive TDY (members are not allowed to start their PTDY prior to in-processing the base). Members should have current address for family members and beneficiaries in order to complete a new vRED and SGLI election as part of their in-processing. First duty station airmen authorized an initial enlistment bonus or a promotion will need to bring their training certificates (Tech school and basic military training) and AF Form 3008 Dependent NO-FEE passports (Overseas Returnee Only).

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