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Yorktown Naval Weapons Station

Yorktown, Virginia

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Schools & Education

School Liaison Officer
1949 Von Steuben Drive
Newport News, VA 23691

Phone 757-887-4912
Phone (DSN) 312-953-4912
Fax 757-887-4142
Fax (DSN) 312-953-4142

Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Sat and Sun - closed
Closed on Federal Holidays

Public School

No matter where you live in Hampton Roads, you will find superior schools and specialty programs to serve you. Whether you are looking for elementary, middle, or high schools, gifted/talented programs, magnet schools or special education centers, you're sure to find what's right for your family. Additionally, private schools, private pre-schools and kindergarten facilities throughout the region provide parents with abundant educational choices. All public schools run a 180 day calendar year, with at least 2 major breaks (Winter & Spring) during the year. Most schools in the area offer before school programs for elementary students, as well as free/reduced lunch programs, school sports programs, special education classes.

DoDDs Schools

There are no DODDS, public or private schools on any installation in the Hampton Roads region.

Registration Requirements

Newcomers and those registering their children for the first time are required by Virginia law to provide proof of immunizations against a number of contagious diseases. Children entering school up to the seventh grade must submit a birth certificate and have had a complete physical examination within the past twelve months.

Children entering kindergarten must be age 5 on or before 30 September of the enrollment year.

Contact the appropriate school system for additional information on registration requirements, specific academic or extracurricular activities.


Students living one (1) or more miles away from school are provided with school bus transportation. After School Activity buses are provided at most area High Schools. Special wheelchair transportation is available for the handicap children.

Schools by City

Hampton Public Schools: 1 Franklin Street, Hampton, VA 23669, Phone: 757-727-2000


  • Elementary Schools - 24; Middle Schools - 6; High Schools - 4; Alternative- 3
  • Students - 21,387 / Teachers 1,570 / Student/Teacher Ratio = 12.9
  • Grading: A 93-100  B 85-92  C 75-84  D 68-74  F 0-67  I Incomplete

Hampton Public Schools: Participates in exceptional programs such as Governor's School for the Arts, a summer residential program for humanities, mathematics, science and technology as well as Advance placement classes, International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, Sports Programs and Clubs and Adult Education Programs. Hampton is also the only public school system in the area that offers a year around school which offers a total of 25 optional days of extended learning plus having some schools adhere to a uniform dress code policy.

Newport News Public: 12465 Warwick Blvd., Newport News, VA 23606,  Phone: 757-591-4500 / FAX: 757-591-4685


  • Elementary Schools - 26; Middle Schools - 9; High Schools - 5; Early Childhood Centers - 5
  • Students - 31,700 / Teachers - 3,031 / Student/Teacher Ratio = 22/1
  • Grading: K-2  S- Satisfactory  P- Progressing  U- Unsatisfactory
  • Grades 3-12: A 92-100  B 83-91  C 74-82  D 65-75  F 65 & Below

Newport News Public School Systems foster a Talented and Gifted (TAG) program designed for students with outstanding achievement and ability. Full time TAG programs are provided for students in grades four through eight. NNPS offers elementary, middle, and high school students the chance to focus in such area as environmental science, communication and performing arts, aviation, international studies, and math, science, technology and engineering. NNPS also offers Magnet Schools, Specialty Programs and Adult Education Programs.

York County Schools: 320 Dare Rd., Yorktown, VA 23692,  Phone: 757-898-0300 / FAX: 1-855-878-9063


  • Elementary Schools - 8; Elementary Magnet Schools- -2; Middle Schools - 4; High Schools - 4
  • Students - 12,625 / Teachers - 1,300 / Student /Teacher Ration = 10/1
  • Grading:  A 92-100  B 84-91  C 75-83  D 67-74  F 0-66

York County Public Schools foster the Gifted and Talented programs as well as having two Magnet Elementary schools. They offer Advance Placement Courses, The School of Arts, York Academy, the Virtual High School, Adult Education Courses, Special Education, Sports and Clubs.  

The Standard of Learning (SOL)

School accreditation ratings are based on the Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools and describe the expectations for student learning and achievement in grades K-12. SOL scores have become an important tool for the state to see how well the schools are educating the children. Students must earn the required number of verified units of credit to receive a high school diploma.

Alternative Schools

These are generally schools whose educational philosophies are different from traditional programs. Typically, alternative schools have small classes, social and emotional development curriculum, and self-paced academic curriculum. This title is used officially as well as informally to describe a wide range of schools, so it's important to ask specific schools why they are classified as "alternative."

Magnet Schools

These are schools that focus on certain program of study; i.e. Environmental Sciences, Art, Music, as well as general studies. Contact the school district your child will be attending to get specific information on requirements and enrollment.

Home Schooling

Another schooling option is for parents to teach their children at home instead of sending them to a public or private school. Each state has different laws governing home schooling. Many communities have organizations that assist home schooling families with curriculum and opportunities to meet other home schoolers. To home school your child, you can register with the local school district or the Virginia Department of Education. You'll be given a standard curriculum to follow and an assigned a teacher who will monitor your child's progress.  More information on Home Schooling can be found on the School Outreach/Liaison website. 

Private School

The Norfolk/Virginia Beach area is home to more than 200 private schools. Such options to public schools offer families a learning atmosphere tailored to their own philosophies and their children's specific needs. In addition to the many church affiliated schools, there are a number of private schools that serve students who are handicap impaired or possess learning disabilities or emotional and behavioral problems.

Private schools vary widely, from highly structured to self-directed learning environments, to college prep and curriculum strong in artistic expression. Most private schools are church affiliated; however they often accept students of any religious background. Parents should also inquire about scholarships, entrance requirements and waiting lists.

For more information regarding private school choices in the Hampton Roads region, contact Information & Referral at 757-887-4606.

The Governor's School

The Virginia's Governor's School Program, which began in 1973 when Governor Linwood Holton established the first summer residential programs for 400 gifted students across the commonwealth, is still strong today. With the support of the Virginia Board of Education and the General Assembly, the Governor's schools have expanded to not only include summer programs, but summer regional and academic year programs. These programs serve more than 7,500-gifted /talented students from all parts of the commonwealth. Each school creates a program tailored to meet the needs of its gifted high school students. Gifted students are able to explore and accelerate in areas ranging from arts, to government and international studies, global economics, mathematics, science and technology. Students are involved in classroom and laboratory work, field studies, research, individual and group projects, performances, and seminars with noted scholars, visiting artists and other professionals.

School Outreach/Liaison Coordinator

The School Outreach/Liaison Coordinator is located in the Fleet and Family Support Center at 1949 Von Steuben Dr, Newport News, VA and can be reached at 757-887-4606 or DSN 312-953-4606.

The mission of the Navy's School Outreach Education Program is to establish and maintain school and community partnerships, which promote the academic, social, and emotional success of military connected children.

Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission. The goal of the compact is to replace the widely varying policies affecting transitioning military students. The compact leverages consistency: It uses a comprehensive approach that provides a consistent policy in every school district and in every state that chooses to join.

The compact addresses key educational transition issues encountered by military families including enrollment, placement, attendance, eligibility and graduation.

Children of active duty members of the uniformed services, National Guard and Reserve on active duty orders, and members or veterans who are medically discharged or retired for one year are eligible for assistance under the compact. For more information, visit our website.  

Adult Education

Adult Education and GED Programs are available through a variety of institutions. See the Education-Training (College/Technical) article for further information.

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