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Corry Station Naval Technical Training Center

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Schools & Education

School Liaison Officers: Serve as the primary point of contact for school-related matters. Represent, inform, and assist Commands. Assist military families with school issues. Coordinate with local school systems. Forge partnerships between the military and schools

The goals are to:

  • Identify barriers to academic success and develop solutions;
  • Promote parental involvement and educate local communities and schools regarding the needs of military children;
  • Develop and coordinate partnerships in education; and
  • Provide parents with the tools they need to overcome obstacles to education that stem from the military lifestyle.

The School Liaison Officers will:

  • Serves as the primary point of contact for school-related matters.
  • Represents, informs, and assists Command.
  • Assists military families with school issues.
  • Coordinates with local school systems.
  • Forges partnerships between the military and schools.


The Army has an active School Liaison Officer program on each of its installations. The Army School Liaison Officers (SLO) serve the Active, National Guard/Army Reserve/ Accessions Commands and geographically dispersed Families within a one hour distance of their installation.

Download the Army School Liason Officer Directory or call Child, Youth and School (CYs) Services.

Army Reserve

The Army Reserve School Support Services focus on the use of community resources to reduce the impact of transitions of Army children and youth. It provides support services that assist children/youth achieve academic success. Promotes parents and community involvement by providing resources and tools to overcome obstacles. Educate communities and local schools on needs of Army Reserve children/youth and the impact military lifestyle has on academic success. Builds community capacity through partnerships with Federal, State and local agencies in support of the geographically dispersed population.

Marine Corps

School Liaisons (SLs) support transitioning families in obtaining educational information and assistance from local school districts. The USMC SL role is very comprehensive and is adapted at each installation according to the needs of the community.

Download the Marine Corps School Liaisons Directory.


The Navy is implementing K-12 support to military families through Child and Youth Education Services at all major Navy installations.

Download the Navy School Liaison Directory or feel free to contact the Officers through the local Child and Youth Programs office, Fleet and Family Support Center.

Air Force

Each Air Force base has a point-of-contact (POC) for local military child education matters. This POC advocates for the educational needs of military children, assists Airmen and families with information and referrals regarding local school districts and other education options including home schooling, private schools, charter schools, and cyber schools, and ensures a communication link with inbound or outbound family members for educational issues. 

Download the Air Force School Liaison directory here or feel free to call/visit the Airman and Family Readiness Center on any Air Force Installation for more information.

Coast Guard

Family Resource Specialists (FRS) and/or Child Development Service Specialists (CDSS) are available at each Health, Safety & Work-Life - Regional Practice to assist Coast Guard Service members and their families with school related issues. Please contact the FRS or CDSS on your Regional Work-Life staff at 1-800-872-4957 or visit the School Liaison Program webpage for more information.

Download the U.S. Coast Guard - School Deployment and the Military Child brochure.


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