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Schools & Education

Andrews School Liaison
1191 Menoher Drive
Military & Family Support Center
Andrews AFB, MD 20762

Phone 301-981-0057 / 301-981-9106
Phone (DSN) 312-858-0057
Fax 301-981-9215
Fax (DSN) 312-858-9215

Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m
Weekends & Holidays - closed

Joint Base Andrews Schools

The school system serving JB Andrews is Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS), Maryland's second largest school system and the nation's 18th largest district. With projected enrollment of 133,000, the system is among the largest and most diverse in the nation.

Information about before/after school programs, exceptional children programs, school sports, meals and the grading scale can be viewed on the PGCPS website.

Joint Base Andrews has a Public Charter School located on base and one elementary, one middle, and one high school serving as primary boundary schools. Imagine Andrews Public Charter School, opened in the fall of 2011 for grades K-4 and is adding one grade each School Year (SY) up to grade 8. Grades K-6 will attend SY 2013-2014. Admission to Imagine Andrews is governed by a random placement lottery. Lottery admission governance requires 65 % of the seats be dedicated to military families assigned to and living on Joint Base Andrews and 35% of the seats be open to all students who are residents of Prince Georges County. The lottery application period runs annually from 1 NOV-31 January for the following SY.

Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) offers alternative means within the existing public school system to provide innovative learning opportunities and creative educational approaches to fulfill educational objectives for students. Specialty programs provide a range of learning or unique subjects, activities and/or learning opportunities as an enhancement of choice for our community. Program choices include Biotechnology, Creative and Performing Arts, French Immersion, Montessori, and Talented and Gifted. Through the PGCPS lottery process, parents and students have an opportunity to secure an available seat in one of the Specialty Programs (SP) established in selected schools throughout the county. Space limitations require that admission to the Program/School is governed by a random placement lottery and admissions are open to all students who are residents of Prince George’s County. Specialty Programs have specific boundaries and all school assignments through lottery are based upon a student’s home address.  The lottery application period runs annually from 1 NOV-31 January for the following SY.

In addition to the SP lottery, other Public Charter Schools are also available for students and enrollment is also based on lottery results. Public Charter schools are nonsectarian, chosen by parents for their children, and are open to all students on a space available basis, and operate with the approval of the Board of Education. Public Charter Schools do not have an attendance area boundary and families, may select their school(s) of choice directly on the lottery application, regardless of residence. Please visit the Charter Schools website for more information.

Parents may also elect to participate in Home Schooling in a number of ways. Families who choose to home school their children must complete and submit a Home Schooling Notification Form to Prince George's County Public notifying the school system of their intent and listing each child being instructed in this manner. For additional information please refer to the Southern Maryland Homeschooling website.


All of our elementary schools (main base and Summerfield) in Prince George's County attend ALL DAY kindergarten.

DoD Schools

There are no DoD schools at Andrews AFB or anywhere in the National Capital Region.

School Uniform Policy

The Prince George's County Public School System Board of Education Policy Number 0114 encourages schools and communities to establish a uniform program. The parents and surrounding communities of Francis T. Evans Elementary feel that a Voluntary Uniform Policy will enhance the students academically and decrease peer pressure. Specific Uniform policy goals, as well as lists of uniforms, and schools that have adopted a Mandatory uniform policy may be located at the Prince George's County Public Schools website.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Every public school in Prince Georges County has a parent and teacher organization. Meetings are held monthly. Call 301-262-7382 or visit the school website for more information.

Public Schools Serving Children on Main Base

  • Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School, 301-780-2100, 12650 Brooke Lane, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
  • Stephen Decatur Middle School, 301-449-4950, 8200 Pinewood Dr., Clinton, MD 20735
  • Francis T. Evans Elementary School, 301-599-2480, 6720 Old Alexandria Ferry Rd., Clinton, MD 20735
  • Imagine Andrews Public Charter School, 301-350-6002, 4798 Yuma Road, Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762

Bus Transportation

Children residing in the Joint Base Andrews community are bused to schools within the Prince George's County area. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to all charter schools including Imagine Andrews.

Private Schools

Private schools in the Metropolitan Area are too numerous to list. Most families carpool because transportation, if available, is costly. Tuition costs range from $2,500 to $35,000 annually. Please contact the Maryland Department of Education, Non-public School Approval Branch, at 410-767-0408, or visit the Maryland Department of Education Non-public School Approval Branch online.

The following websites provide an overview of area private schools:

Joint Base Andrews School Liaison

The Joint Base Andrews community has a School Liaison Officer available to assist families of DoD employees assigned to Joint Base Andrews with issues or questions concerning schools in the tri-state area for your school-aged children. Your School Liaison Officer is co-located with the Military & Family Support Center staff at 1191 Menoher Drive. You can reach the Joint Base Andrews School Liaison at DSN 312-858-0057 or 301-981-0057. Contact the school liaison if you have issues related to public, private or home school needs. You can reach the Andrews School Liaison at DSN 312-858-0057 or 301-981-0057.

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