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Fort McCoy

Sparta, Wisconsin

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Legal Assistance

Legal Office
1644 South 11th Avenue
Fort McCoy, WI 54656

Phone 608-388-2165
Phone (DSN) 312-280-2165
Fax 608-388-2906
Fax (DSN) 312-280-2906

Mon - Fri: Call ahead for an appointment


Legal Services

The Fort McCoy Installation Legal Office provides legal assistance to active duty soldiers (orders for 30+ days).  Family members and retirees on a space available basis.

Types of Services

The types of assistance they provide are:

  1. Powers of Attorney
  2. Wills/Estates
  3. Consumer Law
  4. Military Administrative Matters
  5. Landlord/Tenant
  6. Separation/Divorce
  7. Taxes (VITA Tax Center)



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