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Spouse Blog: Less House. More Home

The thing about dreaming big, you have to start small. This is our first big step to a future of financial freedom! About 2 years ago Kyle and I decided 3 bedrooms, a white picket fence and a fat Mortgage just didn’t fit in our plans. We are a military family, and if you didn’t know, by definition that means we are constantly moving.  In only 2 years of being married we moved twice. So, Kyle and I sat down and decided we needed a new game plan. We needed to think outside the box and figure out what truly matters and would be best for us. Ultimately white picket fences didn’t make the cut. After a lot of thought Kyle came up with the idea to live in a travel trailer. We also desperately wanted to travel.  This was our golden opportunity to do so. After years of research, camping expos and online shopping we finally stumbled on this beautiful 24ft long 150 square foot trailer! It even had a doggy bowl built in under the fridge. Whoever built it had to have been a dog lover like us. We fell head over heels in love and began the buying process. Now after 2 years of intense searching and a stressful buying process, we are all moved in! We are paying 1/3 the amount we were paying in our town house. No more over used rental houses, no more pet fees, no more paying thousands of dollars a year that goes to someone else’s mortgage! If we hate our neighbors, we can just hook up our house to move and find new ones.  (Also, it only takes 45 minutes to deep clean our house. BONUS!) And best of all, when we make the journey back home to Washington state next year, our entire house will be towed behind us. Our dream of taking a several week vacation to drive across the country is happening in less than a year; all because of this huge scary choice we made to let go of a “normal” living situation. “Home” to us means just enough room for 2 people who love each other, and of course our 70 pound overly anxious ball of fluff. Everything else is just material things that if we are honest with ourselves, we don’t need. This is perfect for us and I truly could not be happier that we jumped head first into this new and exciting adventure!  

Written by Nicole Moorehead