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Moving to A New Home: Essential Items You Need to Pack for Your First Night

Moving into a new home is exciting, hectic and tiring. Despite the work involved, the day doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You just have to be prepared for the first night you’ll be spending in your new home. Most people focus on packing and preparing to move and completely forget about their essential needs after the move. When it’s finally moving day, you realize that most of the essential items are buried in boxes around the house. So if you are trying to pack light for your move, camping out in your new home doing some last minute fix-ups, hauling all your possessions across state lines or packing a few suitcases for a flight as the rest of your stuff catch up the solution to a stress-free first night is packing a first-night essentials box. Here is a list of essential items you should definitely have in your first-night essentials box.

Personal items

A change of clothes

You need at least one change of clothes for your first night whether you're moving across town or across the country. When moving it's very likely that most of your wardrobe is packed away. It’s a lot of work rifling through boxes for a pair of jeans or a sweater immediately after moving. To be on the safe side pack a few days’ worth of clothes in your essentials box. Don’t forget underwear and clean socks.

Important paperwork

Keep in hand any relevant and important documents while moving. Make sure you have your passport if you are moving across the country, your lease and any other basic documents like your ID card. Ensure the documents are accessible in case you need to present them.

Electronic accessories and chargers

While some electronic items like phones and tablets can keep the charge for the duration of the move without needing to be charged, you might still need to charge them once you get settled in your new house. The last thing you want is to unpack box after box to find a charger. Keep your chargers on you, so you don’t have to worry when using your electronics. Other essential electronic items you need to pack are flashlights, an alarm clock, DVDs and portable DVD player.

Food, drink and kitchen essentials


Generally packing food is one of the most unexpected and underrated challenges when it comes to moving. You can easily remedy your food problem by packing granola bars, boiled eggs, individually wrapped crackers, sealable nuts containers and sliced fruits in your essential box. Ordering in for your first night is a good idea.

Portable eating utensils

Whether you choose to pack a couple of plastic forks and portable paper plates or opt to throw in a few kitchenware from your kitchen in your essential box, make sure that the supplies are enough for everyone to enjoy a meal on arrival. Always keep in mind it might take you a few days for your new kitchen to be ready for use.

Don’t worry if you forget to pack disposable cutlery and plate whichever restaurant you chose to order take-out are likely to put a few with the order. Other items you need along with eating utensils are garbage bags, take-out menus, cleaning wipes and antibacterial wipes.

Sleep time essentials


It's most likely that you won’t get a chance to change with the moving before turning in for the night. That is why it’s a good idea to bring comfy pajamas or other sleepwear.

Air mattress

Truth is it's very likely you won’t have your bed sleep-ready on the first night in your new home. The ideal solution is for you to have an air mattress or inflatable bed. Just make sure you don’t forget to bring the appropriate air pump and other essential accessories.

Other essentials

You will also need a pillow and some blankets for a warm and comfortable sleep. A blanket can also come in handy if your move involves a long road trip.

Hygiene essentials

Cleaning supplies

It’s important to focus on hygiene once you get to your new home. A quick clean-up of the new house is likely to clear out the dirt and any buildups of funk. Bring basic cleaning supplies to ensure you the house gets clean and stays clean.


You don’t want to skip out on your daily personal maintenance just because of the move. It goes without saying that you’ll need bathroom essentials once you get to your new home. Ensure that you don’t forget toothpaste, toothbrushes, rolls of tissue paper and anything you might need on hand.

First aid items and tools

Regular medication

If you or your family are on regular medication, then make it your priority to keep the meds on-hand throughout the move. You should also consider bringing basic over the counter pain meds. In addition, consider carrying bandages for scrapes and cuts which tend to occur when moving furniture.


Pack some go-to tools like screwdrivers and a box cutter for easy unpacking. Screwdrivers come in handy when setting up furniture pieces


Baby and children essentials

If you are moving with the young ones ensure that you bring some diapers, special snacks, cleaning supplies and their favorite toys to sooth them and ensure that the move is smooth and the overall process of settling into your new home.

Pet supplies

If you have a pet, remember to bring along everything they would need at home.

Don’t underestimate the importance of packing an essential, box, bag or suitcase for your first night in your new home because it will help you feel at home and relieve stress. Enjoy your new home!