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How Realtors Can Use IGTV to Connect with Their Audience

Instagram launched its brand new platform and app called IGTV in July 2018. The platform is a dedicated video app that has created a lot of social media buzz. The relatively new app is Instagram’s newest and next generation vertical video in the social video sharing category. With an approximately 10-60 minutes long video format, IGTV allows creators the freedom to extensively connect with their audience uninterrupted and, best of all, for absolutely no cost. It’s a no brainer that realtors stand to benefit greatly from IGTV. Here are some of the ways realtors can use this new tool to reach buyers and sellers in new ways.

Hosting AMA or Q&A sessions

AMA (ask me anything) or Q&A sessions are an excellent way to engage directly with your audience. As a realtor, you can largely improve engagement with your audience while at the same time offering them useful information by answering their questions. Once you position yourself as an open individual committed to answering questions and discussing their concerns, people will tend to rely and trust on the services you are offering.

Collect the most popular and frequently asked customer questions and concerns, record a video answering the questions and addressing the concerns and post the video. Use a questions sticker on your Instagram stories to gather relevant questions then respond to them on your IGTV episode.

Use previously published video content

Re-use your popular content to reach new audiences. IGTV provides you as a perfect opportunity to give your old content new life. Repurpose your previously posted Facebook, YouTube or live-stream recordings. You can also repurpose your old blog posts into IGTV videos, listicles and short tips are always a great addition. If any of your videos are shot horizontally edit them to vertical video format. Remember to keep an eye on your audience reaction to the repurposed video content. Based on their reaction you can get more ideas on other meaningful content you can offer.

Highlight product features

Realtors can use IGTV to integrate real estate with instructional content like tutorials and how-to videos. Educational videos are always effective when it comes to introducing buyers, sellers or those interested to rent spaces. Take your videos to the next level by teaching your audience something new about real estate and allow them to join you through the explanation in real time.

Feature customer success stories

Nothing is more captivating or persuasive to customers than other customers talking about the success they had working with you. Take the opportunity to spotlight your recurring customers on IGTV. Invite them to feature in your videos and allow them to talk to the viewers and explain why they are satisfied with your services.

Use exclusive content to build a niche audience

Sharing exclusive content on your IGTV channel will help you build a dedicated audience. Giving the viewers regular doses of interesting and useful content will help them develop an emotional connection with your real estate business. The content you post could be behind-the-scenes videos that show open houses, how you prepare for a tour of rent spaces, office tour, houses on sale and the popular real estate areas. When it comes to these kinds of videos viewers love authentic content therefore these videos don’t require any extra editing. You can also cover your events like trade shows, social gatherings, and speaking engagements. Upload expert interviews or tell stories about your real estate business.

Recurring show

As a modern form of television, it’s important to view and approach IGTV the same as a recurring show. Develop a community by sharing monthly or weekly segments at a recurring time. Consistency is key because people love predictability. Upload your episodes on a regular schedule so that your audience is accustomed to coming back to your IGTV channel to watch your show.

IGTV presents an excellent opportunity for realtors to deepen relationships with their current followers and expand their audiences so take full advantage of it!