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Obtaining On Base Housing for EFM.

Today many of the on base/post housing facilities have been privatized.  This is nothing more than a partnership with the Department of Defense and private companies that will build, renovate, repair and manage housing units’ onboard Military installations.  Under this arrangement, the DOD is an active member of Business Partnership that owns and operates Base/Post Housing and will recognize the EFM program.  To obtain more information on who manages the housing at your new base/post you can go to and click housing once you reach your desired base/post listing.   

What are the Wait Times for Housing

Wait times are normally based on your eligibility date.  The eligibility date is typically determined by the date of your application.  In most instances you can apply for base/post housing while you are still at your current duty station by sending the application in with a copy of your orders.  That should determine your date on any list.

However there are some instances that may alter your date and you should check with the Housing/Leasing Office for that Base/Post, such as your enrollment into the Exceptional Family Member Program..


Do I Qualify for Exceptional Family Member Program

  • What is an EFM? An EFM is a family member with a physical, emotional, developmental or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling.

  • This is a mandatory program that works with both military and civilian agencies.

  • EFMP provides comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, educational, medical, and personnel services to families with special needs.

  • Its primary objectives are to ensure service members are assigned to locations where services exist. This is especially important on overseas assignments where services may be limited

It assures that the Service Members performance is not affected by the demands of caring for their Exceptional Family Member


What is Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)?

The EFMP assignment process is specifically designed to:

  • Identify family members requiring special medical or educational services and assists in family relocation when a medical or special education requirement exists.

  • Checks for resource availability in both military and civilian communities.

  • TRICARE assists families in finding resources on base and in the community.

  • Does not affect promotion.

  • Does not prevent members from being reassigned.

  • Enrollment is mandatory if a family member has special needs.


What is a Special Need?

A medical special need is one that requires specialized care (e.g., psychology, social work, urology, neurology, psychiatry, developmental pediatrics, etc.) for an ongoing, chronic illness.

An educational special need is one that requires special educational services in order to progress academically. These services are identified on an Individualized Education Plan or Individualized Family Service Plan and may include, but are not limited to: resource rooms, psychological services, occupational or physical therapy, or adaptive equipment.

Overseas, the Educational and Developmental Intervention Service (EDIS) is a congressionally mandated program that provides medical and/or educational specialty services to children with special needs, ages birth to 21. EDIS services are based on Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) resources.

Who should enroll?

Enrollment is mandatory for active duty military personnel who have a family member with a special need.

Why enroll?

MTFs assess if required services are available, on or off base, at the gaining location prior to a permanent change of station. This ensures family members are able to receive the care they need prior to relocation.

Visit the Air Force Special Needs website for further information at:

How does the EFMP screening affect the assignment process?

The Military ensures personnel are assigned to locations where family members with special needs can receive services required. The Family Member Relocation Clearance screening process identifies special needs and determines the availability of services at projected locations. The EFMP process does not affect TAD/TDY or mobility status.

How long will enrollment last?

Enrollment will continue as long as a special need exists, or until the active duty member retires or separates from the military.

What is the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and how do I enroll?

The intent of the EFMP is to assign members, based on manpower requirements, at locations where a family member's special medical and/or educational needs may be met.  Eligibility guidelines and an application can be located on-line via   DoD Forms Management Program

Special Medical Needs Definition:

Potentially life-threatening conditions and/or chronic medical/physical conditions (e.g., asthma, insulin-dependent diabetes).

Current, chronic (6 months or greater) mental health conditions (e.g. bipolar disorder, personality disorder, inpatient care within the last 5 years).

Special Educational Needs Definition:

Requires an Individualized Education Plan or Family Service Plan.

What can the Exceptional Family Member Program do for Families?

  • Enroll the sponsor in the program

  • Provide contacts for families to receive resource Information at their new bases

  • Assist active duty members in meeting mission requirements while balancing career and family responsibilities

  • Provide information and referrals to community and base resources

  • Members who willfully violate the EFMP process could face disciplinary action under the UCMJ and place their dependents at risk for early return to CONUS

Please contact your Exceptional Family Member Coordinator at your current military installation if you have specific questions regarding the program.

Exceptional Family Member Program Enrollment Forms located at  or your local EFMP

The official website for DoD Forms:

Air Force E-Publishing website for AF Forms and AFIs:

Army -

Marine Corps –

Navy –

Education Directory for Children with Special Needs.


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