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2018 Home Improvement Trends in America


If you own a home in America, odds are you are planning a home improvement project. A home improvement project is always a welcomed breath of new life into an already aging space. Most of the current trends are perfect for every home, whether you envision a complete overhaul or slight changes. Redecorating and remodeling a home is never an easy task. However, with a little inspiration and the right help you can easily keep your home up to date with what is trending and popular in the world of home improvement. Home technology has improved extensively, and today home improvement options are affordable. To lend you a creative hand, here is a list of the top improvement trends in America.

Modernized Kitchens

Kitchen remodeling is usually one of the most popular home improvement projects undertaken in any household. Kitchens are increasingly getting larger and they are now becoming the home’s centerpiece. Most people prefer open floor plans for extra space. As a result, more people want more and larger islands. Kitchen islands are also becoming more convenient with charger and outlet areas. Homeowners are gravitating towards installing larger and commercial grade appliances especially when it comes to refrigerators and stove. People are integrating additional safety features and smart technology in their kitchens. Kitchens appliances have also become more energy efficient and quieter. Farmhouse sinks also known as apron sinks have increasingly grown in popularity. Farmhouse style sinks now come in a variety of materials that can easily match your countertops. Wi-Fi appliances, motion-sensing faucets, and accent lighting add a much needed modern touch to the kitchen.

Wood-looking floors and hardwood flooring

New flooring is always guaranteed to make a room feel new. The preference of hardwood flooring continues to grow in every household. Second to hardwood flooring is wood-looking floors. When it comes to wood-looking floors, vinyl plank flooring and wood-looking tiles are the most popular choices. Dark flooring including dark walnut, espresso, and ebony is increasingly becoming a popular color choice. The darker trends are followed by light hardwood floors particularly lighter and paler tones that drown out the yellow. Whitewashes and grays are also popular floor color shades. Matte and satin are the preferred finishes. Consider hardwood laid in a geometric design for the living room and bold tile patterns for smaller rooms.

Multi-generational and age-in-place remodeling

As we age people are increasingly opting to remain in their current homes (forever place). If you are remodeling for the future, then its implied that the renovations will make a home more comfortable for seniors. Other than that there is also a growing preference for a universal and multi-generational living space because grandparents may move in to assist in raising their grandkids. Changes include widening doors and hallways to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers, adding grab bars in the bathroom, installing faucets that can be operated with a single hand and comfort-height toilets.

Environmentally-friendly lighting changes

There are so many ways you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint like natural lighting. It’s almost unbelievable the difference enhancing and replacing your windows can do to your home. Newer windows are energy efficient, that is, they regulate indoor temperature while at the same time saving you from paying hefty energy bills. Larger windows and updated framing is a chance to give your room a new look. For evening lighting new lights are longer lasting and efficient than fluorescent and halogen bulbs. There more lighting in various unusual spaces such as over island lighting and under cabinet lighting. Pendant lights are also being utilized to add style and personality to a room.


Painting is one of the least expensive and easiest ways you can improve your home’s appeal. More homeowners are repainting their homes. Accent walls are increasingly becoming a big trend. Accent walls are a perfect and interesting way to add color as well as dimension and depth to a room. Homeowners are using dramatic and deeper colors such as black, navy and dark grays for accent walls. Use accent walls to renovate a room every few years along with switching out pillows and an area rug. Overall gray continually remains a popular wall color with greige (gray and beige) dominating wall pallets. Gray tends to perfectly pair with dark hardwood floors which are currently all the rage as well as mid brown, whitewashed and light floors. Navy is rising as a popular color, and it perfectly coordinates with gray. Homeowners are now switching out to navy area rugs. Navy is also a great accent color which makes it perfect for accent walls, accent chairs, and pillow.

Mudroom conversions and/or additions

A mudroom addition is a new way homeowners are adding the much-needed space to their homes. For busy households, homeowners are improving mudrooms with stylish tiles, lockers and comfortable sitting areas for the kids to take off their shoes. A mudroom with a locker adds an organized storage space in the house and makes cleaning and organizing easier. Most popular options in the mudroom include a washer and dryer, storage for outdoor equipment, a place to hang clothes, a sink, storage area for bikes and a dog wash for pet-friendly homes.

Home office remodeling or addition

People are increasingly opting to fully or partly work at home. For that reason, homeowners are converting their spaces into comfortable working environment. Often this involves converting the den, dining room or an extra bedroom into an office. Others are also utilizing a section of the kitchen particularly those with large kitchens spaces.

There you have it, the latest home improvement trends in America. If you haven’t updated your home for a while, then you are in for a treat.