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10 Tips For PCSing With Your Pet


It can be a hassle to finally settle in your new home with your family and your beloved pet, only to know that you will have to repeat the process within three years. Here at, we aim to cater to all your PCSing needs and for us, ensuring the right kind of care is essential to guarantee a safe and secure move-out for your pet. Therefore, if you are in the military with a pet or waiting to receive a PCS move anytime soon, then keep these 10 facts about PCSing with your pet in mind.

1. Keep a few EXTRA bags of EVERYTHING in stock!

 While it can cause a lot of space issues for you in your vehicle, it is a must to carry 2-3 extra food bags and litter boxes in the car. This is because no matter how careful you are, traveling creates unnecessary wastage and can cause a resource-deficit for your pet in case you are not stocked up!

2. Have ALL the documents ready

Yes, especially when traveling overseas or in-between states, booking a comfortable flight for your pet can become quite difficult if the required documents are not brought along or updated. Latest medical records, vaccination information, arrival or departure arrangements and pick-up notices are all the necessary documents you MUST bring along.

3. Visit the Vet

It is desirable and highly encouraged to pay a last-minute visit to your local vet and get your pet checked for any health issues, allergies or injuries you might have been unaware of. They can also assist in streamlining the process of proper certification and acknowledgment of medical care provisions. By the way, a PCS health certificate from the vet on base is free!

4. Carry a leash at all times

It may seem like an odd thing to say, especially if you are a cat owner, but a leash to keep your pet close during the occasional walks during travel is a real help. Say farewell to the daily tensions you feel out of fear of losing your pet out in the streets. 

5. Frequent exercise or stretching

Travelling can be quite tiring for your pet too. They need to be able to relax their muscles and take an exercise break from time to time. Allowing your pet to have some exercise will help them stay calm and active at the same time.

6. Stay in pet-loving hotels

Many hotels discourage or prohibit the entry of pets these days. So before heading off to your next destination, make sure all the temporary stays in hotels won't deny you of space for your pet. Otherwise, it can be quite distressing to make urgent accommodation arrangements for your pet in a foreign destination. Just so you know, your pets also feel very insecure and unsafe in confusing situations or strange places!

7. Have backup distraction plans!

We are sure that the unconditional love you have for your pet makes you plan fun activities and games every so often. But just in case your pet is not in a set mood, have extra toys and gaming distractions for them to spend their time fuss-free. Keeping tennis balls, knitting balls, Frisbees, favorite pillows, and toys are just some of the things we can jot down here!

8. Know the right temperatures

As we all know, traveling in heat can make your pet sick. If the weather is excessively hot, you might have to turn the AC on for longer to address their sweating issues and heart problems. Some countries have laws that do not allow pets to travel in hot temperatures (above 85 degrees). Thus, it will be better for you to keep a background check of the rules and regulations of whatever foreign destination you are going.

9. Start prepping early!

Organization and on-time planning is the smoothest key to success. The right documentation, all prior vaccinations, accompanying toys and traveling boxes are all the things you need to take care of way beforehand as these can take up to months of processing. Yes, it’s true!

10. Have a to-do list

We suggest the old and traditional method of keeping a to-do list with you at all times. Be it a very small task or a very important vet appointment; it is important to jot down all the things your pet requires before PCSing. Go the extra mile to give your pet the comfort and luxury they so rightfully deserve!