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Temporary Housing

Temporary Lodging Facility

Temporary lodging is provided for single military personnel E-4 and below, enlisted E-5 and above will have to reside in the community. There are no Geo Bachelor quarters available. Visiting personnel should check in at Bldg. 600. You can get directions at the Front or Back Gate at NAS Pensacola. Make your reservations at the Navy Gateway Inn & Suite (NGIS) as soon as possible, especially during the tourist season (Memorial Day - Labor Day). A Chit of Non-Ability (CNA) is required from NGIS for TLE reimbursement for TLE stays anywhere other than NGIS

Married personnel on PCS orders have priority for reservations at the NAS Pensacola Navy Lodge, reservations should be made as soon as you receive your orders.  Make sure you make arrangements prior to your arrival. There are four rooms available at the Navy Lodge that are Pet Friendly for pets up to 50 pounds.  These rooms are on a first come basis, pets must be vaccinated and you must bring pet's shot records with you. Contact the Navy Lodge Reservation Office at 850-456-8676; Fax 850-457-7151 for more information.  For additional information on the camp grounds contact the NAS Pensacola FFSC Relocation Office.

It is recommended that you leave your authorized family members in place until you have acquired a living space do not bring them if not authorized within your orders. Apartments with month-to-month rentals are extremely limited, the majority apartment and home rentals require a 6 month or longer lease.  Very few rentals are furnished, and rental furniture will be extremely costly.


TAD/TDY orders have priority on space available; guests without orders on availability. You will need to bring a copy of orders and a military ID card.

Billeting is extremely limited at NAS Pensacola. Billeting for Geographic Bachelors at NAS Pensacola region is not available.

Billeting at the BOQ (Bachelor Officer Quarters) is also extremely limited due to a large influx of incoming military personnel. Incoming Officer rated personnel should contact the BOQ Office for space availability and description of rooms and services.

Check In

All single military members (enlisted and officer rates) must check in at the billeting office prior to arranging for any off-base housing. The BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) billeting office is located in Barracks "E", Building 3910, at NATTC Complex. If you are a student assigned to NATTC, or any other command for less than 140 class room days, do NOT bring family members with you, unless you are authorized to do so within your orders assigning you to NATTC, or by other written order. Brown Bagger Chits (BBCs) are a local command program only and approved on a case-by-case basis.  BBCs only entitle the holder to live off-base, it is not a provision for any other entitlement or reimbursement for moving family members.


BEQ rooms for E-4 and below are double occupancy and come equipped with microwave, TV, VCR, refrigerator, double dresser, armoire, and 2 double beds. E-5's and above should contact the BEQ office for space availability and description of room. 


All single service members seeking on-base quarters must check in at the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) Office or the Bachelor Officer quarters (BOQ) as listed below. Single BAQ is authorized for all enlisted (with department approval) due to limited adequate quarters on base. Personnel must check with the Housing Welcome Center prior to procuring off-base housing.

An incomplete listing of available temporary housing available in the area is provided. This listing does not stipulate any endorsement by Naval Air Station Pensacola Region, or the NAS Pensacola Regional Fleet and Family Support Center. For further assistance utilize the yellow pages, or contact the NAS Pensacola Fleet and Family Support Center Relocation Office. Temporary housing is currently extremely limited, make sure you call ahead for reservations prior to your detaching from your current command.


It is highly recommended you make advanced reservations at the Navy Lodge, Navy Gateway Inn and Suites, Blue Angel Park, or Oak Grove Park as soon as you learn you will need temporary quarters. A CNA from NGIS is required for TLE reimbursement for TLE stays anywhere other then NGIS.


There are no kennels located aboard any of the military installations.  Accommodations for all other pets will have to be made in the community - average cost for kennels are about $20 - $25 per day.