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Pearl Harbor Naval Station

Hickam, Hawaii

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Check In \ Processing

Military and Family Support Center - Air Force and Navy
4827 Bougainville Drive
Honolulu, HI 96818-3174

Phone 808-474-1999
Phone (DSN) 315-474-1999
Fax 808-449-0323/808-474-1997
Fax (DSN) 808-474-1997

Mon- Thurs 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Fri 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Navy Specific Information

Travel Planning

Make your Temporary Lodging reservations well in advance of your arrival, especially if traveling with pets. Inform hotel that you would like the "TLA Rate" charge. Hotels can be full during the high tourist seasons (December-March and May-August) The Navy Lodge is also available on base on Ford Island. Please refer to the Housing - Temporary category for more information. The "TLA Hotel Listing" is available in this Pet lodging for TLA Hotels is included on the hotel listing - presently there are seventeen hotels that accept pets, however, you must contact hotel for their specific requirements

It is mandatory to check in with the Housing Services Center (HSC) at the Navy Aloha Center prior to securing off-base permanent housing.

Command Sponsorship

Concurrent travel of family members on your PCS orders, is only authorized if they are command sponsored. In other words, you must have accompanied orders which state family members are authorized. If your family members are not command sponsored, you will be responsible for their travel expenses. To obtain a "Command Sponsor" letter contact your Arriving Command CPC for eligibility requirements and issuance of letter. "Command Sponsor" letter is required for housing and pay entitlements.

Reporting Procedures

Contact your respective command first to find out where you must go to get your orders stamped, so you can start the clock for TLA and cost of living allowance entitlement. You must check into your command and housing to be eligible for TLA.

Shore duty: Report directly to your command. If after 4:00 p.m. and you do not know how to contact the duty section, report to JBPHH, Naval Base Pearl Harbor Quarterdeck Building 150, Phone 808-473-1222808-473-1222. Ships or other deployable units report directly to the unit. If the unit is deployed or underway, report as follows:

  • Surface ships -- Report to Transit Personnel Unit (TPU) Building 1753, JBPHH, Naval Base Pearl Harbor, for further transfer or to await ships arrival. Phone 808-473-0065808-473-0065.
  • Submarines -- Report to Submarine Squadron Command Pass Coordinator (CPC) Office located in Building 661, phone 808-473-2718808-473-2718. If reporting after hours contact the JBPHH Naval Base Pearl Harbor Quarterdeck, Building 150, Phone 808-473-1222808-473-1222.
  • Aviation Squadrons -- (VP/HS) Contact Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay at808-257-0593808-257-0593 ext. 7024 or DSN 315-454-0593315-454-0593ext. 7024.

If you are taking a house hunting trip, please ensure you request the proper leave request prior to taking permissive leave.

During a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move, individuals should maintain important paperwork with them at all times to decrease the potential for loss or identity theft. Examples would include the service member's service record, military ID cards, Powers of Attorney, PCS Orders, travel documentation, travel receipts, marriage certificates, immunization records of children or pets, household good inventory lists, credit card statements, tax records, Social Security Cards, bank information, mortgages, vehicle information, drivers' licenses, bills, address book with information for the Command Sponsor, credit cards, a copy of the "Page 2" or proof of dependents, and any copies of family member medical records.

The original family medical records are typically shipped from the current Military Treatment Facility to the new servicing Military Treatment Facility. Family members traveling separately from the service member should maintain a copy of the service member's "Page 2" (second page of the service record which lists family member data) and may also need a Power of Attorney.

When receipts and travel documents are submitted to the command or any military agency, the member or family should maintain a copy for their own records. Keep your sponsor, quarterdeck, and command ombudsman phone numbers with you at all times. It is imperative you check-in with Personal Support Detachment (PSD) as soon as possible after checking in with the Housing Services Center (housing), so you can start your TLA, submit your travel claim for payment, start the process for other pay and entitlements and update your Page 2.

Checking in your Records

Check in sessions with the Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) are conducted through appointment only and must be arranged through your command's PSD Command Pass Coordinator (CPC). In order for the CPC to obtain an appointment, a PSD receipts package must be completed and presented with the service record to the supervisors of the Receipts Division. After screening of the correct and complete receipts package, an appointment will be assigned to the member no sooner than 48 hours later. This time is necessary for appropriate action to make the member's electronic file accessible. It is very important that PSD process your paperwork within the first two days of your arrival, three at the absolute maximum. Undue delays will only adversely affect your pay and PSD wants to make sure your pay account is updated and balanced quickly and efficiently. If you are planning to take leave directly after reporting to your command, you are still required to in-process at PSD before commencing leave. The squadrons have their own Personnel Offices, however, pay documents are processed by the Squadron Disbursing Clerks at PSD.

PSD is located in the Moanalua Services Center Building, 4827 Bougainville Drive. For further information call 808-471-2405 or visit and or

Housing Check In

The Housing Services Center requires an appointment for the check-in process, to be within 72 hours of arrival excluding holidays and weekends, and you can make an appointment up to 30 days in advance before you arrive by calling 808-474-1820. Check-in with the Housing Services Center to receive a TLA non-availability certificate for government quarters which is to be taken to your command/PSD for processing. You must report to Navy Housing Services Center even if you have already purchased a home or plan on buying one, found a place to rent, and or plan to live with family or friends. The Navy Housing Services Center is located at 4825 Bougainville Drive, in Building 2652, across from Moanalua Navy Services Center building.Rotweilers and Pit Bulls are not authorized in military housing. Two pets are authorized in military housing.

Upon checking in with the Navy Housing Services Center, members will be assigned a personal counselor who will be their individual point of contact until housing has been assigned. Contact PSD with any other questions or concerns. For additional information concerning in processing procedures, you may contact the Commander Navy Region Hawaii website.

What to do if you get Married enroute?

If you get married before you PCS, you must inform your command and follow the procedures exactly as you are given. The military will not pay for travel and housing of your family members if you do not follow proper procedures. A request chit to obtain a "Command Sponsor" letter will need to be submitted to your arriving command for family member pay entitlements.

The same goes for moving your personal effects (household goods) to your new duty assignment. You must have prior approval from the Military Transportation Office or you will not be reimbursed.

Air Force Specific Information

Travel Planning

Temporary Lodging Reservations

Contact the NGIS Royal Alaka'i (billeting) located at 15-G Street on Hickam Field, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, at 808-260-1200 (24/7) or 808-448-5974 or the Navy Lodge located on Ford Island at 808-440-2290, to make a reservation. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation number. If on-base billeting is unavailable, secure a non-availability letter from the Navy Lodge prior to making a reservation at another hotel. A list of TLA approved hotels is available upon request from the Housing Management Office.

Command Sponsorship

All dependents of military members serving overseas tours must be command sponsored. Your dependent family members listed on your PCS orders will receive automatic command sponsorship (unless otherwise indicated, ie, not medically cleared). For all other dependents (acquired prior to or after arrival at overseas station), Command Sponsorship must be requested.

When to request Command Sponsorship:

  • Dependent acquired after departing losing station, but before arrival at overseas tour (dependent must be medically cleared by Air Force before traveling in order to receive travel and transportation benefits)
  • Dependent acquired through marriage, birth, adoption in Hawaii after arrival at overseas tour
  • Dependent acquired through marriage, birth, adoption outside of Hawaii after arrival at overseas tour
  • Dependent acquired due to spouse's retirement/separation from Active Duty
  • Existing dependent (at time PCS orders to overseas were prepared) previously elected not to accompany member overseas, but later wishes to join member on overseas tour contact Hickam MPF

Customer Service at 808-449-8624, Option 1 to obtain guidance on how to apply for command sponsorship under the above circumstances. As a general rule, dependents gained after member's arrival at overseas tour are not authorized travel and transportation allowances. All dependents must be medically screened and/or cleared prior to approval for command sponsorship. "With dependent" station allowances are not authorized until dependents are command sponsored. Approved command sponsorship memos and medical clearance documents are filed in member's record at AFPC.

Reporting Procedures

Verify with your sponsor where to report and in-process. As a general rule: If being assigned to HQ PACOM, SOCPAC, JIOC, JPAC, DISA, DIA, HQ PACAF, 13 AF, 15 MDG, 692 ISRG, 25 ASOS: Report to your unit Commander's Support Staff (CSS) immediately upon your arrival or on the next working day for your in-processing checklist and to be scheduled for mandatory in-processing appointments and get gained to the base (if you do not get gained, all information, in vMPF and MilPDS, will reflect your previous base). Check with your sponsor if your unit has designated specific times for in-processing.

For all other units: Report to MPF Customer Service (900 Hangar Avenue, Suite 127, Hangar 2) on the first working day at 8:00 a.m. (Mon - Thu) following your arrival to receive your in-processing checklist and to be scheduled for mandatory in-processing appointments and get gained to the base (if you do not get gained, all information, in vMPF and MilPDS, will still reflect your previous base). In-processing is done as a mass briefing for all newcomers.

Ohana Aloha Newcomers' Orientation

The Ohana Aloha Newcomer's Orientation is scheduled on the Second Tuesday of the month at the Earhart Community Center on JBPHH, Hickam. Your CSS (or MPF if your unit does not have a CSS) will register you for this mandatory appointment. The Ohana Aloha Brief begins with an Info Fair showcasing various base agencies who are there to introduce their programs and answer any questions you may have. After visiting the booths, you will be welcomed by the 647th Air Base Group Commander and receive other valuable information regarding Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam and the local area. You will have the option to register for the island bus tour at the Ohana Aloha Newcomer's Orientation. This is an excellent opportunity for you and your family to sightsee and get a brief introduction to Hawaii's history and culture in the comfort of an air-conditioned luxury bus.


Within three days of your arrival to Hickam Field, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, visit the Housing Management Office (HMO) located at 200 Kokomalei Street to receive your Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) brief and to complete the on base housing referral, if you desire to be referred for on base housing with Hickam Communities. Hickam Communities and the government staff with HMO are co-located in the same office.

What to do if you get married enroute?

If you get married before you PCS, you must inform you commander and losing MPF Assignments section and follow the Command Sponsorship procedures provided in this article. The military will not pay for travel and housing of your spouse if you do not follow proper procedures.

Homes Near Base

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