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Bethseda National Naval Medical Center

Bethesda, Maryland

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Base Regulations

Base decals are no longer required to enter Naval Support Activity Bethesda.

Right turn on red is allowed unless otherwise posted.

Helmets -- Helmets are required for motorcyclists and their passengers, as well as for bicyclists.

The use of cell phones unless hands free is prohibitive on base while driving.

Accidents -- Report all on-base accidents to NSAB Security. Report off-base POV accidents to local jurisdictions where accident has taken place.

Seat Belts/Car Seat -- The driver and all passengers must use seat belts. Passengers under the age of 8 must be properly seated and secured in an infant, toddler or booster seat. Drivers are responsible for seat belt compliance for all passengers.

Criminal Offenses -- All Military and Civilian violators are processed through NSAB Security Office.