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PCSing Tips and Tricks

Our tips to surviving the chaos! Have a tip you want to add? Email us at

1.  PAPER PAPER PAPER! Keep paper copies of everything!


3. Sell, donate, or trash anything you don’t need.

4. Don’t turn down offers of help.

5. Load your personal vehicle before the moving truck arrives. This ensures everything fits in your vehicle what doesn’t fit you know has to go with the movers.

6. Label boxes by colors (Kitchen -Red, Master Bedroom- Blue, ect.)

7. Soak your stove top grates in 1/2 cup ammonia overnight. The next morning all the grime wipes right off.

8. SMILE!-- even if you arent happy fake it until you make it. Your new neighbors are more likely to approach you if you are smiling.

9. Keep your parts box with you! When the movers come they will make a small box for all the screws and bolts. Keep sandwich baggies and label what item they belong to. DO NOT let the movers take it with them!

10. Document with photos and on your “damages sheet” any slight scuff, ding or dent in your new home. This keeps you from being changed for damages when you move out.

11.  Introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Neighbors like friends can make all the difference at a duty station.

12. Change your address. Find our checklist here à

13. Be flexible. Nothing is perfect no matter where or how you PCS. Keep an open mind and go with the flow.

14. Store all liquids in gallon bags to prevent spilling. *Professional movers will not move liquids 

15. Keep a folder in your car for all receipts. Take photos of those receipts in case the ink fades or gets ruined.

16. Open all cabinets doors to make the move out inspections go quicker.

17. Remember movers will not take candles, liquids, food, propane, gas or paint.

18. Take photos/videos of everything and every angle before the movers come. Any damage done to your household good by the movers will be replaced or reimbursed.

19. Keep receipts from all big purchases (couch, TV).

20. Number each box as its packed to make sure you aren’t missing any at the new location.

21. Use gallon baggies to keep like drawer items together.

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22. Label the side of the boxes so you know what’s where even when stacked.

23. Take advantage of a “loan locker”. Loan Locker’s are a collection of essential items needed when waiting on your shipment (kitchen utensils, cookware, ect). Generally, these are given out through a base program, others come from the command/ Family Readiness Group.

24. Join a local Facebook group. Whether it be the spouse group for your significant others command or a base group. Military spouses are always willing to help others so ask what they recommend.

25. Make sure all pictures, decor, and curtains are off the walls and widows before the movers come.

26. Use red tape on boxes with essential items.

27. Empty all trash cans. As ridiculous as that seems movers have been known to move trash.

28. Make 1 final walk-thru to ensure you are not missing anything.



Have a tip you would like to add? Email us at