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Base Housing Resolution Process

Married service members seeking to move out of the barracks have two housing options: they can live off base, or elect to live in base housing. Each offers pros and cons depending on their family’s needs.

Living in base housing is a popular choice for many service members and their families, as it’s often considered safer, financially beneficial, and convenient. In some cases, service members find it easier to deploy when their family is living on base, because they know that any issues with the home will promptly be addressed by the Family Housing District Office.

Or so they’re told.

Last month, a woman living in base housing at Camp Pendleton, CA posted a video of her daughters’ room that went viral on social media. There were termites everywhere. In the video, she explains that base housing had been contacted several times, yet nothing had been done about the infestation.

The base housing company made a statement online assuring people that they were aware of, and on top of the situation the family was facing. They expressed that, while situations such as this are unsettling, they are also rare. Unfortunately for the housing company, other current and previous residents of base housing took this opportunity to speak up and share unresolved issues they’ve experienced.

From failure to remove mold in the home to bug infestations, people weren’t holding anything back. While tenant frustration is completely understandable, it’s important for people to know that commenting and complaining on social media is not an effective way to elicit change and find a solution. There are specific steps that tenants are encouraged to follow when issues with their home arise.

Once the issue in your home is identified, the first step is to call the Family Housing District Office or the Maintenance Service line. These contacts are available to residents 24/7.




If the issue is not resolved within the allotted service category timeline, you should contact Family Housing Management. The service category timeline is as follows:

  • Emergency:
    • Response should be received within 30min. and service should be completed ASAP.
  • Urgent:
    • Response should be received within four hours and service should be completed within one working day.
  • Routine:
    • Response should be received within one day and service should be completed within 24 hours of request submission.

If your issue remains unresolved, or you’re still dissatisfied with the services provided, contact the Installation Family Housing Office.


Base Housing Resolution Process video courtesy DVIDS - LCpl Rachel Conrad Marine Corps Installations West - Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton