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We’re always looking for new writers to expand our knowledge here at and all our followers.   Writers help us extend the knowledge of PCSing, with new ideas and add other viewpoints to our website, which is informative for everyone PCSing!  

Are you interested in our writing opportunities? Contact Us!


The Benefits of writing for

Becoming and writing for is a great opportunity to share your experience and knowledge of everything PCSing with a large readership and gain experience and feedback about your writing.  If you’re a Military blogger or writer, this is a great way to build your professional portfolio and even drive some traffic to your website.

We are considering adding bloggers as staff writers for short regular writing gigs.  These positions would be on a freelance basis and would not indicate employment by  Use our contact form below for more information including article requirements and payment details.  Anyone can apply for a guest post or a paid writing position at any time.  Please send examples of your work such as a link to your blog or articles you have written for similar sites.


Guest post guidelines for

We feature guest posts on a limited basis for each base/post.   However, due to the massive number of requests we receive, we can only publish a select number of articles dealing around a PCS move.  Right now, we limit the guest posts to people for military spouses who understand the PCSing process.

You can get to know us by contacting us, leaving comments on our sites, exchanging emails, hitting us up on FaceBook (FB), participating in forums or FaceBook (FB) groups where we post, or meeting us in person at your base /postor Military Expo, etc.

Guest Posts/Blogs do not receive payment but are a great way to gain experience and exposure for your own website, or to build your portfolio up.  

Please use our guidelines for submitting:

  • All Articles should be well-written, Original, and not previously published elsewhere.

  • All Articles should be related to PCSing in the Military, Military Entitlements, Finding Jobs,  Housing or small business topics to help the Military in an area they are not familiar with and soon will be.


Please e-mail us with your proposed topics if in doubt.

  • When submitting, please include a short bio of yourself with a link back to your website and/or social media profile such as FaceBook or anything you would like highlighted and linked.

  • retains full editorial and approval rights, including removing and/or substituting links.

  • No affiliate links.

  • Feel free to send image recommendations with the article. Please only include images that allow for derivatives unless you own the image (Flicker is a great source of images that allow for derivatives under the Creative Commons License).

  • Please send articles in html or in a Word document (html preferred).


If you are a writer and would like to submit an article for consideration, please send us a message via our contact form below.  We do look forward to working with you!

Note: At this time we are not accepting guest posts from commercial websites.  We are not interested in guest posts relating to credit cards, debt consolidation or management programs, payday loans, Forex, or anything that could be considered illegal or unethical.

So if you are Interested in submitting any content for and receiving payment? Please use the contact form below as well for more details.


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